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Welcome back and ASSEMBLE! 
Avengers #1 arrives next week, and we’re blushing with pride over our beautiful Midtown exclusive variant cover by Clayton Crain (and he’ll be signing the book with us on FCBD)!  We’ve got that, and plenty of swag and a big sale to usher in the hot new movie Black Panther and The Avengers…uh, we mean Avengers: Infinity War!  Also from the House of Ideas, look for Hunt for Wolverine Weapon Lost #1, You Are Deadpool #1, and even more if that’s possible (and it is!)!  Darned if DC is dawdling! Look for DC Nation #0, one of the hottest titles of the year, and with a special Midtown-branded cover, available for FREE!  Also, Action Comics Special #1 drops, and so too does Batman #46, as the Bat and the Cat get closer to their wedding day!  Oh, and a singular swingin’ jungle guy teams up with a legendary jungle gal in a fab new series by Gail Simone! It’s a wonderful week in the world of comics!

Spotlight on savings:
Save BIG on some of the top tomes in the trade and take a truly terrific 50% off select graphic novels, hardcovers, and manga titles online, this week only!  Assemble, save BIG, and take up to 60% off everything Avengers, this week only!  These sales are online only, and some exceptions may apply.

Midtown Exclusive Clayton Crain Variant Cover

Regular Ed McGuinness Cover

Variant Greg Land Party Color Cover

Variant Aaron Kuder Young Guns Cover

Variant Blank Cover

Incentive Esad Ribic Variant Cover

Some Assembly Required:
Thor Odinson. Steve Rogers. Tony Stark. The Big Three of the Avengers are reunited at last and just in time! The world is in danger of total annihilation as an ancient foe reemerges with devastation in mind! The 2,000 foot tall space gods known as Celestials have returned and their appearance heralds the coming of the Final Host! Who will answer the call to assemble for a new era of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? And what is the strange connection between the Final Host and Odin’s ancient band of Prehistoric Avengers? The seeds laid down in Marvel Legacy #1 come to fruition as writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness present a new age of heroes in Avengers #1! And for our friends in New York City, join us for an amazing signing with Clayton Crain for our exclusive edition of Avengers #1 on May 5th, Free Comic Book Day!

Avengers #1

Hunt For Wolverine Weapon Lost #1

Deadpool #300

Regular Greg Land Cover

Variant Shane Davis Cover

Todd Nauck Wheres Wolverine Connecting Cover

Lost and Found:
As one of the biggest mysteries in the Marvel Universe unfolds, Daredevil assembles a squad of uncanny detectives to track down Wolverine! Misty Knight, Frank McGee, and Cypher unite to investigate recent sightings across the globe of a man believed to be Logan. But when the squad uncovers a deep conspiracy that was never meant to be unearthed, there will be huge ramifications for the return of Wolverine! Charles Soule writes Hunt for Wolverine in Weapon Lost #1, with art by Matteo Buffagni.

Regular Nick Bradshaw Cover

Variant Aaron Kuder Connecting Cover

Variant Adi Granov Drax Holds Infinity Cover

Regular Rahzzah Cover

Variant Salva Espin RPG Cover

Variant Ron Lim Cover

Deadpool and Me:
Did you ever want to be Deadpool? Now you too can be a maniacal merc’ with a mouth! Part comic, part role-playing adventure, this book brings you into the story! YOU decide what choices Deadpool makes! YOU keep track of your scores issue by issue! YOU roll dice to combat various foes! Travel through Marvel history as Deadpool and take on the Hulk in the 60s, Man-Thing in the 70s, and Daredevil in the 80s! But reader beware, you better be careful or suffer a horrifying fate worse than anything Deadpool has ever known! Al Ewing and Salva Espin create a unique comic experience in You Are Deadpool #1!

Regular Nick Bradshaw Cover

Variant Mark Bagley Connecting Cover

Incentive Gerardo Sandoval Variant Cover

Avengers #1
By Clayton Crain

Venom #1
By Francesco Mattina & Will Sliney

Amazing Spider-Man #800
By Francesco Mattina & Will Sliney

Domino #1 Midtown Cover Exclusive

Domino #1 Midtown Cover Signed

Domino #1 Regular Cover

Deadpool Classic Companion Vol 2 TP

Color Your Own Deadpool Again TP

She-Hulk (2016) Vol 3 Jen Walters Must Die TP

Captain America #701

Astonishing X-Men #11

Spider-Man #240

Rogue & Gambit #5

Weapon X #17

X-Men Gold #27

Proteus is back! Charles Xavier faces off with one of the X-Men’s most dangerous foes in a psychic battle for the ages with nothing less than the fate of all free-thinking people at stake! With Psylocke, Gambit, Old Man Logan, and Bishop in the mix, will this team be enough to take down Proteus for good? Charles Soule teams with Ron Garney for Astonishing X-Men #11! Then, the X-Men must stand their ground as their foes unite! Lydia Nance is an anti-mutant lobbyist with a knack for running the X-Men through the mud in the media. And now she has her own personal Sentinel! Their first target? Colossus! He might not live to make it to his own wedding. X-Men Gold #27 is written by Marc Guggenheim with art by David Marquez and Geraldo Borges.

Star Wars #47 Regular David Marquez Cover

Star Wars #47 Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover

Star Wars #47 Variant Rod Reis Galactic Icon Cover

Star Wars Tag & Bink Were Here #1

Color Your Own Star Wars Han Solo TP

Star Wars Han Solo HC

DC Nation #0 Midtown Cover

DC Nation #0 Regular Cover

Batman Cover

JLA Variant

Superman Variant

View All Covers

A Nation Rebuilds:
The Joker isn’t happy. When the Clown Prince of Crime finds out that the Dark Knight and Catwoman are set to be wed, he’ll make it his mission in life to ruin the Caped Crusader’s marital bliss! Elsewhere, the Justice League are left shattered in the wake of the events of Dark Nights: Metal. After barely surviving certain doom, the League is set for a cataclysmic shake-up of their own! The cosmic forces of the universe emerge to set the stage for Justice League: No Justice! And get your first glimpse of Superman’s new world in this preview of the brand new Man of Steel mini-series, the start of a new era for the Man of Tomorrow! Tom King, Clay Mann, Scott Snyder, Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez, Brian Michael Bendis, and José Luis García-López tell these titanic tales in DC Nation #0. This is one book collectors won’t want to miss!

Last Laugh:
Paul Dini returns to the character he co-created to deliver the incredible wrap-up of the “Harley Loves Joker” storyline! As far as the Joker is concerned, the new headquarters that Harley built for the two of them is absolutely perfect. But unbeknownst to the Clown Prince of the Crime, the entire building is rigged to blow! Harley is going to have to work doublet-time to save her puddin’, but she doesn’t have the faintest idea how to stop it! Paul Dini teams with artist Bret Blevins for Harley Loves Joker #1!

The Legend of Luthor:
When Superman’s world was reborn, his greatest enemy became his most unexpected ally. But does that truly reflect Lex Luthor, or was it all a sham? Now, as Lex’s path towards righteousness reaches its apex, he finds himself involved in an adventure in which Superman stands to be destroyed. What choice will Luthor make? Will he save the Man of Steel or watch him die at the hands of a foe he could not possibly imagine? This oversized special features the terrific talents of Dan Jurgens and Will Conrad, as well as a back-up story by Max Landis and Francis Manapul! The story unfolds in Action Comics Special #1!

Midtown Exclusive Color Cover

Midtown Exclusive Black & White Cover

Midtown Exclusive Color and Black & White signed by Peter J. Tomasi

Action Comics #1000 Regular Jim Lee & Scott Williams Cover

Action Comics #1000 Variant Steve Rude 1930s Cover

Action Comics #1000 Variant Michael Cho 1940s Cover

Action Comics #1000 Variant Dave Gibbons 1950s Cover

Action Comics #1000 Variant Michael Allred 1960s Cover

Action Comics #1000 Variant Jim Steranko 1970s Cover

Action Comics #1000 Variant Joshua Middleton 1980s Cover

Action Comics #1000 Variant
Dan Jurgens 1990s Cover

View All Covers

Green Lanterns #46

Green Arrow #40

Deathstroke #31

Bombshells United #17

Cyborg #22

Injustice 2 #25

Harley Quinn (Rebirth) Vol 5
Vote Harley TP

Green Arrow (Rebirth) Vol 5
Hard-Traveling Hero TP

Suicide Squad Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2 HC

Shade The Changing Woman #3

Curse Of The Brimstone #2

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen The Black Dossier TP New Edition

Reality Fights:
All of reality comes under attack when a mysterious force of entropy begins slowly erasing time itself! As history unravels, a team of heroes assembles to scramble and try to fix the broken time stream.  But even if they can stop the source of the chaos, the world they save will never be the same! One of the biggest stories of the 90s, Zero Hour reshaped the heroes of the DC Universe and left shockwaves that were felt in every character it touched! Written and drawn by Dan Jurgens, Zero Hour Crisis In Time HC collects issues 0-4 of the epic DC event!

Action Comics #1000 signed by Peter J. Tomasi

Domino #1 Signed By Gail Simone

Batman and the Signal #1 signed by Cully Hamner

Isola #1 signed by Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl

Angelic #1 Signed By Simon Spurrier & Caspar Wijngaard

New Mutants Dead Souls #1 signed by Matthew Rosenberg

Eternity Girl #1 signed by Magdalene Visaggio

Green Hornet #1 signed by Amy Chu

The Wilds #1 signed by Vita Ayala

Kingpin #1 signed by Matthew Rosenberg

Paper Girls HC signed by BKV & Cliff Chiang and Paper Girls/Private Eye bundle by BKV

Secret Warriors #1 signed by Matt Rosenberg

Action Comics #1000 Midtown Exclusive

Action Comics #1000 Black & White

Domino #1 Midtown Cover Exclusive

Marvel Legacy #1
By J. Scott Campbell

Dark Nights: Metal #1
By Simon Bisley

Guardians Of The Galaxy #1
By Art Adams

DC Variants By Terry Dodson
And Rachel Dodson

DKIII Variants
By Greg Capullo

All-Star Batman #1
By Tyler Kirkham

Fantastic Team-Up:
The She-Devil with a sword meets the Lord of the Jungle! Eson Duul is an evil man. The mere mention of his name makes the powerful quake with fear! He has no regard for life, including that of man. But he may finally have met his match when the team of Red Sonja and Tarzan seeks to take him down! Gail Simone returns to the She-Devil along with Red Sonja partner-in-crime Walter Geovani to craft a new adventure for the mightiest maiden in the land and the noble defender of the jungle with Red Sonja Tarzan #1!

Xerxes Fall Of The House Of Darius And The Rise Of Alexander #2

Death Or Glory #1

Alien Toilet Monsters #1

Coda #1

Saban’S Go Go Power Rangers #9

Sherlock Holmes Vanishing Man #1

Milk and Cheese Dairy Products Gone Bad TP

Occultist Omnibus TP

Powerpuff Girls Bureau of Bad HC

Reborn Book 1 TP

Archie Vol 5 TP

Walter Simonsons Battlestar Galactica Art Edition HC






Believe it,
G-Man and Henry!

This week’s featured eBay item is a Hard Hero Transformers Grimlock Porcelain Bust with slight paint chipping. Here’s your chance to add this rare item to your collection! Also, remember to follow us on eBay to find even more rare comics, collectibles, and super hero savings! Check out the rest of our auctions today!

ORDER BACK ISSUES ONLINE AND PICK UP AT THE MIDTOWN COMICS LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE! No fees! Our back issue codeword sales apply, so save big and pick up at Midtown Comics.

Archies Pals N Gals #161

Batman #216

Marvel Feature #3

Airboy Comics Vol 3 #11

Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos Annual #1

Shadow Vol 5


X-Men Hidden Years


Ultimate Marvel Team-Up




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