Welcome to the final installment of C.C. Banana’s adventures at the 2011 New York Comic Con! Today the Banana (in the guise of Wolverine) takes on the talented Greg Horn. As with his earlier interviews with artists Cully Hamner, Geof Darrow and David Finch, it starts off serious but then takes a few unexpected turns! Greg has actually been interviewed by C.C. Banana once before, so he comes prepared for this latest encounter.

Who will emerge victorious in this ferocious fruit face-off? Read on and find out, bub!

C.C. BANANA: Is there any female character to whom you feel you could not do justice?

GREG HORN: Oh, that’s a tough one! Maybe someone like Hela, the Norse goddess of death. Those characters are tough because you need to make them look very godlike.

C.C. BANANA: Which part of the female anatomy is the most challenging to get right?

GREG HORN: The brain!

C.C. BANANA: What was it like when you finally moved into the attic, leaving Peter and Bobby to share your old bedroom?

GREG HORN: That was the greatest day of my life because I got to be the new Johnny Bravo! Actually, I think that was Greg Brady. I’m Greg Horn.

C.C. BANANA: Okay, but is it lonely being the only giant talking chicken in the Warner Bros. cartoons?

GREG HORN: It’s lonely, I say, it’s lonely at the top, boy! You are correct, sir! That’s me, Foghorn Greghorn.

And on that unlikely note, we conclude the exciting escapades of C.C. Banana at this year’s New York Comic Con! As promised, it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill convention coverage but it was an entertaining read nonetheless. We’d like to commend the Banana for successfully stylin’ his skin as Wolverine and for putting the “CC” in “NYCC!” The Banana himself would like to thank his good friend and photographer Frank Caponegro for following him around the con and documenting the delicious debauchery. If you enjoyed the antics of C.C. Banana at this year’s event, be sure to visit his website and YouTube channel for his coverage of past New York Comic Cons, as well as his interviews with dozens of other media sensations (from Star Wars to Twisted Sister and everything in between).

Which hapless creators will C.C. Banana target at next year’s New York Comic Con? What sort of irreverent interrogations will he subject them to? Which comic book character will he dress up as next time? Even the Banana doesn’t know for certain! But be sure to keep an eye out for him because you never know where he’ll pop up next.

Remember, whenever C.C. Banana is around… split happens!

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