Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, and with the hot temperatures here, that means it’s blockbuster season! With movies like Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Fast 6, and the upcoming Man of Steel, Hollywood is preparing for a season of big explosions, but comics also are about to get things going: between Superman Unchained, Trinity War, Infinity, the next chapter of Saga, and many others, there’s lots of action to pack into those 22 pages of comic. Here are some of my favorite action-adventures from recent memory. They are all collected into trade paperbacks or are original graphic novels, so you can get all your bang in one space.


The page that changed my life. Art by Howard Porter. From JLA #8 Copyright DC Comics.

Grant Morrison came up with what must’ve been the simplest idea for a Justice League ever: the biggest guns, the biggest baddies, the best stories. Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Flash; the Magnificent Seven as it were, going up against White Martians, Drug-enhanced mega geniuses, and Heaven. That’s right: HEAVEN. Well, it’s more of a renegade king angel and his host, but still. I read these issues when I was 13, and they completely blew me away. I wouldn’t be working at Midtown or doing this blog for you, dear Bloggerino, if it weren’t for this series. Read all four volumes, as there’s more awesome threats and stories, but this one is the one for me. The one that defines my comic book fandom.


Looks like Invincible has an arm AND a leg up on this guy! Art by Ryan Ottley. Copyright Image Comics/Robert Kirkman

Invincible started off innocently enough: Mark Grayson is the son of the most powerful hero in the world, and is learning to use his powers and deal with being a teenager. Sounds like a pretty uneventful book right? Wrong. At some point, the truth about Mark’s heritage and his father are revealed, and Mark is getting into some of the bloodiest, goriest battles comics have witnessed. The compendium collects the first eight volumes (or 48 issues), you can also purchase the individual volumes or the Ultimate Collections, but the Compendium is more bang for your buck, and boy is there bang: my favorite is the throwdown between Conquest and Invincible, but you’re going to have to read it to find out what happens!


Sentry vs. Worldbreaker Hulk, way bigger fight than you’d think. Art by John Romita Jr. Copyright Marvel Entertainment.

When comic fans think of knock-down, drag-out fights, they think of the Hulk, the most ferocious monster/some-time hero that Marvel has. In Planet Hulk, Hulk has recently destroyed Las Vegas and the Illuminati (the secret society of superheroes that make decisions on the human race away from prying eyes) decide to send Hulk into space, to a peaceful planet where he can live the rest of his days. Of course, things don’t end up as they should, and the Hulk ends up on Sakarr; where the Red King rules with an iron fist (not Danny Rand, Iron Fist), and made Hulk fight in gladiatorial games. What happens to Hulk, I’ll let you read, but let’s just say that in World War Hulk, Hulk comes back, and he’s none too happy with Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic and Black Bolt.

These are three of the most action-packed comics out there, there are plenty  of other stories out there that may be just as good, or better, depending on your opinion. This is just my way of opening some eyes, if you guys have some suggestions, feel free to comment on this post and share the comic love!

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