The gang visits MoCCA’s annual festival and interview independent creators. Then stick around for a rundown of the many heroes called FLASH!

MoCCA Fest, Part 3 of 4! Interviews featuring Simon Gärdenfors, Chris Hastings, Alex Robinson and some of the creative team behind The Anthology Project!

MoCCA Fest, Part 2 of 4! Interviews from MoCCA founder Lawrence Klein, twin brother creative team Peter and Bobby Timony, and Artist/Writer/Gentleman Dean Haspiel!

MoCCA Fest is here and so is Midtown’s extensive coverage! On the first of four MoCCA Fest Specials we hear from creators David Malki, Paul Levitz, and Kevin Cannon!

Jennifer returns and a lot of awesome books came out this week! Reviews of Cinderella, Weapon X, Superman Secret Origin, Avengers The Origin, SHIELD and others!

Cartoonist and former Midtown Employee Dennis Pacheco discusses his book Neon Girl, and his new anthology Tag Team that will debut at this year’s MOCCA Fest. Plus long awaited news on the fate of All-Star Batman and Robin!.