Cartoonist and former Midtown Employee Dennis Pacheco discusses his book Neon Girl, and his new anthology Tag Team that will debut at this year’s MOCCA Fest. Plus long awaited news on the fate of All-Star Batman and Robin!.

Jose and Alan discuss Rasl, The Unknown Soldier, Incorruptible and the conclusion of Blackest Night. And if you’re wondering about these new Green Hornet comics, here’s a crash course on the character’s history and his connection to the Lone Ranger!

Tony Harris tells us all about his new art book Tony Harris: Art and Skullduggery, Ex Machina, War Heroes, and his new Essential Edition HC version of Obergeist.

In episode 14, we explain what’s so cool about Captain America’s shield and how it’s connected to Wolverine’s claws! Plus, recommendations for Green Lantern, Green Hornet Year One, Shuddertown, the Marvels Project and more!

Creator Matt Wagner talks to us about his Dynamite books Green Hornet: Year One and Zorro, and his new Grendel HC. Plus Thor finally comes to terms with his Sandman Mystery Theatre addiction.