Creator Matt Wagner talks to us about his Dynamite books Green Hornet: Year One and Zorro, and his new Grendel HC. Plus Thor finally comes to terms with his Sandman Mystery Theatre addiction.

In episode 13, we discuss Irish and Irish-American super-heroes that you should know about for St. Patrick’s Day!

Creator Mike Dawson talk to us about his books Freddie and me, Ace Face, and his new project Troop 142. Plus Dimitrios is missing and Serge issues a challenge to all!

In episode 12, it’s Amber Benson vs Anton Strout! Plus an explanation of why Tony Stark’s briefcase armor is so cool and reviews for Deadpool Corps, REBELS and Last Stand of New Krypton.

This is it! The First Midtown Comics Battle Royale Trivia contest! Hal of Time Square Vs. Serge of Grand Central! Who will conquer all?!