This week Marvel Comics Editors Jeanine Schaefer, Rachel Pinnelas, Lauren Sankovitch, and Sana Amanat talk to us about their work on Marvel’s Girl Comics!

Artist Ben Templesmith and writer Ben McCool signed their new Image comic Choker at our Grand Central store!

Amber Benson & Anton Strout did a double signing at our Times Square store!

In episode 10, the gang proclaims their love for the new Justice League Crisis on Two Earths DVD animated feature film, and how fans will love it, as will those who are completely unfamiliar with the story. Alan offers a retrospective on the Crime Syndicate as reintroduced in JLA Earth 2 by Grant Morrison, and brings us up to speed on their evil doings. Jose tells us exactly what is so cool about Choker #1, then coaches Jennifer on much-needed anger management technique.

Wizard Entertainment CEO Gareb Shamus talks to us about his magazine and conventions. Plus Dimitrios discovers a way to be more like Spider-Man!

In Episode 9, the gang discuss possible spin-offs while reviewing the latest issues of Blackest Night, Joe the Barbarian and other fun comics. Confused about Deadpool? Here’s a crash course!