Jeff Lemire, creator of Sweet Tooth, The Nobody and Essex County talks to us about his work. Plus, Zombies!.

Author Brian Cronin tells us about his book Was Superman A Spy? We talk about the new JSA Smallville trailer and make our picks for the upcoming week.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis tells us all about his next big Marvel event Siege! Plus exciting news on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man as well as his work on Powers and it’s upcoming TV adaptation.

Writer Fred Van Lente tells us about his book Comic Book Comics as well as his work on Amazing Spider-Man, Incredible Hercules, X-Men Noir and Marvel Zombies.

Artist Brad Walker talks to us about his work on Guardians of the Galaxy, Action Comics, and everything in between!

Customers and staff at both Midtown locations showed their Halloween spirit and we’ve got pics! We also had several awesome customers answered our request to send in their own costume pics to share with you guys! Hope youall had as great a Halloween as we did!