Finally, A Deadpool book that won’t pull any punches!

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Now that we’ve got our blog and Facebook page up, we’re wondering what is everyone’s favorite way to stay updated on Midtown’s sales, signings and other events. Let us know!

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This week we enter The Fictory to take a look at the new teaser trailer for Atomic Robo: Last Stop and talk  to the films Director Joseph Krzemienski, and Concept Artist Jeff McComsey.

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08 Sep, 2010

Did Superman Kill JFK?

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On the fifth page of Superman #1, Superman himself says to a woman, “I thought you might be interested in learning I know that you killed Jack Kennedy.” She killed him, according to Superman’s theory, for “two-timing her,” which is perhaps a plausible motive, given Kennedy’s reputation as a womanizer; surely Superman’s theory is no stupider than anything Oliver Stone has come up with. Except that Superman makes his accusation in 1939. How could anyone kill Jack Kennedy over twenty years before he died? Who would even know about Kennedy’s death in 1939?

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Meet Dean Haspiel(The Quitter, Act-I-Vate Primer, The Alcoholic), signing CUBA: My Revolution at Grand Central from 6:30-7:30pm.


Now that Editor in chief Joe Quesada has weighed in on a likelyhood of an Iron man/ Green lantern team-up (also known as Iron Lantern, for those keeping track of Amalgam) Midtown wants to pitch in the crossovers we want to see, and the creative team we want to see doing them.

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