It’s Christmas at the Midtown Comics Podcast. Alex Robinson talks about A Kidnapped Santa Claus. Thor talks about Voltron. Rea talks about a tatoo. Dimitrios talks about his Walking Dead story idea. One of them is dangerously close to getting sued.

In Episode 3, we offer a fantabulous graphic novel holiday gift guide, and explain exactly whats so good about the recommended titles, and whether they’re appropriate for the fan, or the civilian. Also, many of the hottest books of the week are discussed, along with scans of cover art and interior pages.

Marvel writer Matt Fraction tells as all about the future of his X-Men, where Iron Man is headed, and the fate of Casanova!

The crazy, sexy geeks discuss the many forms of Kryptonite, and recommend some very interesting comics.

Charles Brownstein of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund tells us all about the CBLDF and their anthology Liberty Comics.

Reviews for this week’s new books, plus what’s the difference between JSA & JLA?