Jose, Jen & Alan talk about upcoming comic based movies. Plus, find out who’s signing at Midtown this weekend!

Reviews for Action Comics, Abe Sapien, Velocity, Secret Avengers and Wonder Woman 600!

Midtown announces a new store opening and writer Scott Snyder sits down with us to talk about his books American Vampire and Iron Man Noir plus we learn how Scott was able to pull Steven King into comics.

Jennifer and Alan explain the differences between the four Avengers teams and interview some of Marvel’s hottest writers. Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Christos Gage and Brian Michael Bendis are all here!

Midtown & Marvel Mega Signing at Times Square!

In the abscence of Thor, Spider-man co-hosts this interview, with Stephanie Buscema of Girl Comics, who talks about working with Steve Niles and her grandfather, John Buscema. And yes, Spider-man has no recollection of ever having been married.