When approached about writing an article for Black History Month, I didn’t want to look backwards, because Black History is being made every day right before our eyes! Enter writer Vita Ayala: a striking talent who honed their skills in comic book writing through the DC Talent Development workshop and debuts amazing works for the comic book world to save the day!

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Get ready for the ride of a lifetime as a new world of adventure unfolds right before your eyes! Now is your chance to win tickets to watch the highly-anticipated new sci-fi thriller, Alita: Battle Angel! You don’t need to sell your body to science to win these tickets, all you have to do is enter our contest and you can win tickets to see Alita right here in New York City on February 6th! All you have to do is click the link below! So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start clicking!

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Who wants to join the mighty Midtown Comics team in New Hyde Park?  We are currently looking for a Full-Time Back Issue Specialist to work alongside our team!  Could that person be you?  Read on to see if you are qualified!

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We know the major Superhero comics you should be reading, but what about the smaller stories and the Indie Comics? You may ask yourself:

What Indie Comics should I be reading?

While the wide world of comics seems to be dominated by Marvel and DC, there are some amazing Indy Comics that don’t get the kind of love and attention that the two monster houses do. While titles like Saga and Y the Last Man (soon to get its own television series!) seem to get some attention for their large, sweeping stories, there are many great small, less tome-like readings out right now which are much less intimidating to pick up.

For your convenience, I’ve compiled this awesome list of 10 Indy Comics you probably aren’t picking up (but should be!) that I’m currently enjoying! The best part? All of these are relatively new! You can easily find the back issues and stay tuned in to the story as it gets released week by week!

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The Thanos snap left us all with our hopes in the dust. What will become of the half of the population which was turned to dust at the end of the movie? With the new Avengers movie still months away, we’re all left contemplating theories and wracking our brains to figure out how they will mend the traumatizing event.

countdown to endgame

Will the Avengers use the Time Stone to reverse time to save their fallen foes?

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