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One Response to “Poll: The Death of Spider-Man. What do you think?”

  1. Oh look, we killed Superman! What a great idea!
    Oh look, we killed Captain America! Let’s turn this into an event.
    Batman R.I.P. Oh my, how revolutionary!

    This is becoming Hollywood remake-sequel bad. Note, Hollywood is about to bring back Yogi Bear is CG!! Wonderful idea!

    End note: I would very much like to see a animated one shot that will show Sylvester actually killing and eating Tweety and the day Road Runner trips then gets devoured by Wil E. Coyote.

    If they plan on killing Spiderman. Kill him. End the series altogether. Jeesh!

    Posted by VEe! on 12/13/09 November 18th, 2010 at 4:07 pmReply

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