Raph is Back! You are reading! Things must end with an exclamation point!

In this Post-Rapture World we now live in, it’s good to affirm that things still happen, but if Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross had their way, Apocalypse may yet come from beyond the stars, thanks to the dastardly… Jack Kirby???

Kirby Genesis

Jack Kirby, for the five people who may not know, is one of the most important figures in comic book history. Jack was responsible for the creation of Captain America in 1939, and along with Stan Lee, created what we know as the Marvel Universe in the 1960’s. That’s usually like a hyperbolic phrase, but in Jack’s case, he LITERALLY created most of the Marvel Universe: from the Fantastic Four to Fafnir, from Thor to Thunderbolt Ross and many more in-between. In Kirby’s last years, he was still creating, and came up with a few characters for Pacific Comics and Topps Comics. It’s from this, and a few other sources in the past, that Busiek and Ross are pulling from for Kirby Genesis.

The Man Himself, Jack “King” Kirby

In this week’s zero issue, we get a glimpse of these characters, drawn beautifully by Alex Ross and Jack Herbert. Ross is known for his stunning visuals and watercolors, but his collaboration with Jack Herbert brings that Kirby aesthetic (particularly the eyes) to a different light and a new life. The issue has a short story based on a real life occurrence: the launching of the Pioneer 10 Space Probe. The Probe was meant to be a beacon for alien races to lead them to Earth. The probe in the story zooms by some of Kirby’s creations, some of whom are not so benevolent, as they are drawn to our little blue marble in space.


Stunning visuals aside, the eight-issue miniseries looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and I for one am looking forward to it. Will it live up to the legendary larger than life works of Kirby? (Alliteration… gotta love it!) We won’t know for sure until issue 1 hits, until then, make mine Kirby!

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