So the NEW DCU has been announced, and the solicits are up, Midtown Bloggee. DC has shown us what they have in store for us in September. As of this writing, all of the DC Solicits for September are up. Take a look at the NEW DCU! I’m just going to get into some initial thoughts… I had thought of doing what I did last week again, but then I realized “Maybe people don’t have time to read FIFTY TWO OPINIONS!” So here are some tidbits:

Animal Man #1

It’s nice to see DC take some chances on the smaller names, like SHADE the Changing Man, Hawkman, Animal Man and Resurrection Man. Some of these characters are known to the lay person, others require a little bit of explanation. Sadly, some of them aren’t going to have complete runs, but that’s the nature of the business. What I really would like to see is people taking a chance and reading something they’ve never tried before. It’s my mission as a Midtown staffer and a comic book fan to help in this cause, and I do it for as many books as I can. I’m hoping you’ll come into our stores (or whatever’s near you if you don’t live in NY) and ask someone about trying something new. If your store doesn’t have anyone willing to help, find another store.


Also, good to see the return of Milestone and Wildstorm to DC. It looks like Wildstorm has officially become part of DC’s canon, which isn’t surprising since it’s founder is co-publisher of DC Comics. Jim did say that he’d bring Wildstorm back, and with the the introduction of a NEW DCU, it makes sense to weave them in the universal tapestry. I’m particularly intrigued by the Stormwatch book written by the able Paul Cornell. That book actually features Martian Manhunter! I’m disappointed he isn’t in Justice League, but it’s good to see Wildstorm characters back and part of the greater universe. J’onn has been the conscience and heart of the league for years, now he can bring that to a new set of characters.

Superman #1

I’m really not so sold on some of the re-designs. Yes, I happened to enjoy the Electric Blue Superman, but some of the redesigns just aren’t doing it for me. Superman seems to have a look that reminds me of Christian Bale’s Batman armor… is that necessary? Why does he need a new suit? It looks cool, but the fanboy in me doubts the need for armor. I do like the sci-fi nod though. Wonder Woman’s look is an offshoot of her “Odyssey “ look, but I’m partial to her classic look. Some of these looks scream “Image 90’s”, particularly the Teen Titans and Harley Quinn. I’ve talked about my dislikes, let’s go to what I like. Batman’s look is a little more classical than his current bright gray, which I think works as in my personal taste. The Firestorms (!) look amazing, each has their own distinct identity, and the combined look reeks of power. If possible, Hawkman looks more fierce than usual. While I disagree with the need for it, I do like Superman’s look. Updating for the new generation is a necessity, and I’m sure there will be people 10 years from now who will PREFER the current look to the classic and only know the current look, it’s just the nature of things. If 12 year old me had his way, Superman would still be electric blue, Kyle Rayner would be GL and Wally West would still be Flash… hmm maybe I can be COO when Geoff retires?

That’s it for this time, go check out the DC solicits, let me know what you think (either in the comments or on Twitter/Facebook) and…



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