Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, from the Fortress of Blogitude! Why? Because I heard an interesting tidbit from a little birdy a few days ago: DC Universe Online is going to be FREE TO PLAY!!

“WHAAAAT???” “Hey Aquaman, did you–WHAAAATTTT???”

For those of you who don’t know what DC Universe Online is, allow me to explain. DC Universe Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (or MMO for short), that is available to play on the Playstation 3 and the PC. MMO’s have been a very popular form of gaming for about a decade, starting with games like Everquest and of course World of Warcraft. What’s the appeal you ask? You essentially immerse yourself in a world with a character you create. There are many different games that cover different genres. I, for example, have two characters in Star Trek Online and command starships I had only seen on the TV screen before. It’s definitely for people who always wanted to be part of a world they’ve only previously read about or watched.

Prior to this year, the only superhero based MMO’s were City of Heroes and Champions Online. City of Heroes is very good (played it for about 3 months a while back)and I’ve heard nothing but good about Champions Online. Both are free to play, meaning that all you need to do is download the game (or buy the disc for it) and create a free account. There is an option to go to a paid account, which has more features than the free accounts. For those of us who aren’t exactly free to spend money like crazy, this is pretty cool. But then again… you don’t get to interact with big name characters. That’s where DC Universe Online comes in.

The Dream: Fighting side-by-side with Superman!

Launched earlier this year, DC Universe Online allows you to create a character in the DC Universe and have one of the main heroes or villains “mentor” you (basically your guide to the DCU). The game had been in development for years, and is in the hands of co-publisher Jim Lee and DC’s CCO Geoff Johns is writing the story content. So, to sum up: Create a character in the DC Universe, interact with major iconic heroes and villains from said universe, and beat up the hero/villain you’ve always wanted to? Sold. All of this for FREE? Even solder.

Of course, there’s benefits for those who still want to pay, and this page lists the features of each account. The Free to Play access should be in place by the end of the month. I’ve always been worried that an MMO would take my life and suck it away, and between Star Trek and DCU Online… this may happen. On a quick note, check out War of the Independents #1 this week, it’s by Dave Ryan, a friend of mine, and it features practically every independent character for Cerebus to Shi!

So that’s it for now… if I manage to pull myself away from the computer, see you next time…



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