Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, a little confused actually… is there a big event coming up or something? There’s all these people talking about tickets, panels and costumes… did I miss something?


Last week, I gave you a survival guide for NYCC, and I hope you put it to good use. It’s going to be a hectic, crazy convention, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s a couple of things I’m personally looking forward to. Feel free to comment on the things you’re looking forward to!

Last Year’s Walking Dead Panel @ NYCC
Photo Courtesy Reed Exhibitions

–          PANELS: While I can’t go to every major panel, I am looking forward to at least going to a few, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (for obvious reasons), the creator-side panels (Kickstarter, Writers Unite) and some of the the Marvel/DC ones. No Walking Dead for me, as that probably will be a “line-up in the morning” thing, which I can’t do because…

Yours truly cleaning up the booth last year!

–          WORK: I will be at the Midtown Comics booth Friday and Saturday morning! Come by, check out our enormous booth, chock full of graphic novels and other goodies! Need help? I’ll be there to guide you to the stuff you’re looking for as well as recommend some good reads!

The Podcast Arena from 2009

–          FRIENDS: Having gone to conventions, hosted my own podcast, and worked at Midtown for years now, I’ve made a great deal of friends, both in the industry and just plain old fans. NYCC is one of the few times I can see a bunch of them together. Conventions are also one of the few places you can go with your friends to celebrate and enjoy the thing we love together: comics! Be sure to check out Podcast Arena, where I’ll be hanging out off duty, and give those podcasts a listen to sometime!


That’s it ‘till after the massive NYCC! If you can make it, I hope you have a good time and I might see you there! If you couldn’t make it, sorry you’re not there, and get tickets early for next year! Until next time—



–          Raph

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