10 Oct, 2011


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MIDTOWN BLOGOCONS! Raph here, INCREDIBLY EXCITED for this week’s NYCC! Of course, I’m talking  about New York Comic-Con 2011, at the Jacob Javits Center October 13th to the 16th! I am incredibly excited for many reasons, most notably, I MISSED last year’s Con! Crazy, I know, but you can blame an infected trachea on that…

A little ASSEMBLAGE on Saturday! Puns!

This year, I’m particularly excited by the idea that NYCC is going to include some more comics media. Particularly, the premiere of the Green Lantern animated series and the Avengers movie panel! San Diego Comic-Con is without a doubt the king of all comic conventions, but New York is the media capital of the WORLD! We should have more comic book movies showing off their wares! I can’t wait to see what Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios has in store for us!

A previous NYCC Podcast Arena! Love these things!

Of course, Comic Con is, and should be, about comics first. There are tons of artists and writers, but for me, there’s also the podcasters. If you’ve been reading the blog and/or know me, you’ll know that I am a sometime comic podcaster, and I am a part of the comics podcasting community. I’ve made lots of friends in that community, and before I started working at Midtown, these people were the only ones I could talk comics with. I still listen, and every now and then I get the itch to podcast again. As with every NYCC since the 2nd one, there is a podcast arena! I’ll be making frequent stops there and I invite people to stop by and see what these shows are about as well!

That was how crazy it was LAST YEAR. Imagine this year! You know where to find us!

Then of course, is the Midtown Comics booth! Always one of the bigger booths at the con PERIOD! We also have all kinds of exclusives every year, because we want to bring to YOU the coolest gear! This year, it’s all about apparel. We have all of the exclusive t-shirts from this year (Ultimate Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Cyclops and Hydra), as well as a new “Certified Insane” Arkham City hat! We also have an exclusive on the new Batman Files book, with a signing by the author, Matthew Manning! So much fun! You can see what else is going on for us in this previous blog post.

Blinged out after that Lantern Ring giveaway a few years back… I’m not as rosy cheeked I think now…

So that’s it for now, just me getting giddy about the con! I’ll be at the booth Friday from 2 – 7 and I’ll be walking around on Saturday as well! Stop me and say hi! If you’re still borderline on the con, let me tell you that I’ve had fun EVERY year I’ve been there, and missing it last year was one of my biggest regrets! So see you there and…















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