This week we’ll be taking a look at Hasbro’s Marvel Universe 3 3/4 action figure line. These figures are perfect for the casual fan or the full-on toy collector. Ever since we Midtown got these figures from in a few years back, they’ve become one of our customers favorites and one of our hottest-selling items in the store!

That’s a lot of toys… Photo from Cool Toy Review

Created in 2009, the Marvel Universe line is a series of 3 ¾ inch action figures featuring the heroes and villains of Marvel. Originally, these figures packaged with a figure stand and an envelope from SHIELD with a dossier on the character. The original wave featured  Iron Man, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Punisher, Black Panther, Wolverine, Human Torch, Daredevil and Bullseye, with variants for a good number of the characters. Some figures also featured accessories (Silver Sufer’s surfboard, guns, energy blasts) as well.

As the series has progressed, there have been a few changes to the line: the dossiers changed from SHIELD to HAMMER, then were eliminated altogether as of Series 3/Wave 10. Figure stands were eliminated with Series 4/Wave 17. These little bonuses may be missed by some, but the real bonus is the depths in which the people at Hasbro dive into to pull action figure molds. From big guns like Thor to my favorite Marvel character Darkhawk, they have covered all kinds of ground, even with seemingly miniscule things like an Ages of Thunder Thor, or Bag Head Spider-Man… of course, the variety is one bonus, then there’s the articulation.


Articulation guide… photo by Black Action Figure

Even as a young child, I’ve been a big fan of articulation. Toys that can pose and move and bend all their joints are a fun and great thing. The Marvel U line doesn’t disappoint in this respect. Originally, the figures had 10 points (neck left and right, wrists, elbows, knees, torso, and ankle up and down)… around the time of Series 3, Hasbro introduced a new joint for the ankles, allowing the feet to roll around more naturally than just up and down. With the diversity of characters and the level of detail, Hasbro’s Marvel U line is definitely made for the fans, and this fan is certainly happy, perhaps a little TOO happy…

Most of my collection

Having worked at Midtown since these figures debuted has been a tough thing. I didn’t jump in at first, because I knew it’d become expensive for me… I bought 1 or 2 figures a wave, and focused on characters I REALLY liked… until the Darkhawk wave, I bought 2 of Darkhawk and preordered the next wave, and bought almost everyone out of that wave… until we got to the point we’re at today. With the help of a supportive girlfriend, and a lot of toy hunting, I own approximately 47 Marvel Universe figures, not including what I may have in storage. FORTY. SEVEN. Working at Midtown and the extra eyes of my girlfriend definitely help, and I love taking my figures and doing photo comics. I’ve been researching some materials to make sets with and doing green screen, so keep an eye out for my stuff here. You can also pre-order Marvel U waves at our website or one of our three stores. I HIGHLY suggest preordering, as these bad boys always fly out the stores. That’s it for this week, until next time—

“Are you sure you’re on the right side?”

–          Raph

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