Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here this week with a special all-new review format! We’re dropping the previous Twee-view format with the 140 character tweet like reviews and doing short and sweet 50 words reviews! Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Action Comics #1

Action Comics #1: I’ve been anticipating Grant Morrison working on a regular Superman book since I was 12 years old (1996). It’s the Superman of the Golden Age, placed in Modern Times. Golden Age Supes dealt with a massive war, global depression. 2011’s climate? Massive war, global depression. 2 + 2 = Awesome.

Animal Man #1

Animal Man #1: Jeff Lemire tackles one of the lesser known characters of the DCU. Buddy Baker communes with nature, literally. He can adapt the abilities of animals, but he’s on break from being a hero… or is he? Interesting mystery revolving around his daughter, and his powers too.


Batgirl #1: The one I’ve been anticipating. Gail Simone reintroduces Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. Good enough issue, but like any #1, raises more questions than answers. How is Barbara walking? Who is killing survivors? What will daddy Jim think? If you like Gail’s previous work, should be up your alley.


Detective Comics #1: Tony Daniel is gruesome. A early take on Batman it seems… just beginning his relationship with the Joker. Bizarre new villain also. Daniel’s work on Batman has always been dark, artistically as well as story-wise. Adding a new villain is a good step in cementing your legacy, so we’ll see.

Green Arrow #1

Green Arrow #1: It’s Oliver Queen slightly more in line with his Smallville portrayal. No friendship with Clark, but much younger. Actually kinda looks like Speedy/Arsenal. This Ollie Queen competes on the business battlefield also. Seems to be Steve Jobs of the DCU, except with Robin Hood tendencies. Still proactive, steps on toes.


Hawk & Dove #1

Hawk and Dove #1: Avatar of War (Hawk) and Avatar of Peace (Dove) don’t get along, but secrets between the two may lead to disaster.  Sterling Gates makes links to past legacy, and remnants of Brightest Day survive relaunch (Deadman + Dove).

Justice League International #1

Justice League International #1: Not quite Bwa-ha-ha. More politicized approach to the Justice League. UN Sanctioned, led by Booster. Lots of quirky relationships between the characters. Also an interesting anti-government subplot. It’s got lots of intrigue around it, lots of things can go wrong for this team, and I like to see them squirm.

O.M.A.C. #1

OMAC #1: Giffen and Didio team-up interesting. Very Kirby-esque, particularly art wise. Very good #1, establishes premise and main players. Felt like a solid pilot episode. Sets up Cadmus vs. Brother Eye dynamic, with OMAC in the middle. I like the everyman OMAC aspect, poor shmuck in the wrong place.

Static Shock #1

Static Shock #1: More in line with his Milestone roots, but those of us who remember his Kids WB cartoon will like this. Virgil faces a new city (NYC), a new group of villains, and gets help from old Milestone friend Hardware. I hope they do to Milestone characters what they did with Wildstorm’s, like in…

Stormwatch #1

Stormwatch #1: Paul Cornell brings Wildstorm out of retirement! More Authority than traditional Stormwatch. The inclusion into the DCU is fun, wonder how they’re going to deal with the Apollo/Midnighter lovers angle? Martian Manhunter being in group made sense. Black Ops version of JLI, but who do the ‘Watch answer to?

Swamp Thing #1

Swamp Thing  #1: Scott Snyder brings us a rather strange mystery. Large groups of animals dying, Superman goes to the one man who can figure this out: Alec Hammond! But Alec isn’t Swamp Thing. The big surprise on the last page should hook you in and make you want issue 2 immediately!

Take THAT Corperate Ne’er-do-wells!

My Top Pick would obviously be Action Comics… 15 years of waiting and Grant did not disappoint! That’s it for now… tune in for my Twee-views and talks with some of your favorite writers! As always, be good and —




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