08 Mar, 2011


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If it’s early in the week, it must be time for me to drop some comic book insight! Hello Midtown Bloggos (still working on that)! This past week saw the release of a book I have been eagerly anticipating… Chew #17! No seriously, I did a write-up on the Marvel Cosmic saga by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, which has been blowing my mind since Annihilation. Marvel’s Kosmic Kings (alliterative stretch I know) have done an amazing job, and the newest series, Annihilators, is now here to rock our socks off.

For those of you who haven’t been reading the Cosmic Saga of DnA (What?!?) or checked out my post (WHAT?!?), Click here.

Here’s a little recap of the prelude to Annihilators, Thanos Imperative: Devastation:

Before he “died”, Star Lord left behind a final request with fellow Guardian (and the most adorable psychic dog) Kosmo: get all of the biggest guns in the universe together, and make sure nothing catastrophic happens again. Kosmo does just that. Silver Surfer. Ronan the Accuser. Gladiator. Quasar. Beta Ray Bill. These guys bring the pain, and they’ve got enough for seconds. And thirds.


Without getting spoilerific on the first issue, the first meeting of the “He-Man Universe Beaters” club doesn’t go well. A Space-Knight (not Rom due to rights issues), has imposed herself on the meeting, and proceeds to trash the team and point out their biggest weakness: they are too powerful for their own good. Of course, there’s got to be a little angst for our would-be galaxy beaters, but they don’t have time to dwell: a Dire problem presents itself during the issue and the Annihilators face a threat that’s truly worthy of their abilities.

Annihilators Interior

Abnett and Lanning have crafted a complicated adventure, one that’s steeped in the fabled lore of Marvel Cosmic, as well as returning the Space Knights to continuity, albeit sans Rom. The subplot of the Annihilators and their ambivalence to cut loose is terrific as well, Ronan is classified as slightly below the others (understandably), and the overall chemistry of the team is uncertain, due to the amount of power assembled. Of course, in times of great chaos and peril, heroes come forward and do the right thing. In the case of these guys, it’s going to be all about making the Death Star look like a water pistol.

Mike Mignola

My (not-so) inner child is giddy with glee for that moment, and that’s thanks to DnA’s terrific writing. Tan Eng Huat, who used to be on my avoid list, has improved leaps and bounds over the years as an artist, particularly with anatomy, and he does a good job here. The Rocket Raccoon/Groot story (which is longer than the Annihilators story, page wise) is also very good. The Raccoon/Groot team has been a fan favorite, and the story reminds us of how great they are, and actually how much I miss the old Guardians. They were a ragtag bunch that wouldn’t stand a chance against the ANNIHILATORS, but they were OUR ragtag bunch. If you like big action and space faring gladiators who could shake the cosmos, pick up Annihilators. ANNIHILATORS!

That’s all for this week, next week, it’s my PAX East experience!

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