Midtown Blogidokis! Raph back with the finale to my #1 reviews. 13 more books! Let’s see how they were!

All-Star Western: Gray and Palmiotti take on Jonah Hex again. Longer story, self-contained. Hex in Gotham is a nice nod to future continuity, but I’d rather Hex actually go out west. Good for Western fans and fans of Hex. Not personally my thing, but I enjoyed the story for what it is.

Aquaman: Sentimental favorite. The best book written by Geoff Johns this month. He takes the negative stigma on Aquaman and uses it to great humorous effect. I’m interested to see what Johns does, he worked his magic on GL, mixed reviews on Flash. So what about the King of Atlantis? We’ll see.

Batman – The Dark Knight: Finch is back, with help. The story doesn’t jive with the Detective or Batman stories, but I think Finch is meaning this to be out of continuity. It’s another flavor of Batman. You get one of the best artists out there drawing Batman, so there is that.

Blackhawks: ‘Hawks are brought to present. Yet another clandestine organization, but this one is UN sanctioned. You never see the ‘Hawks coming. Or you shouldn’t. It reminds me of the film version of The Losers. If you like non-powered adventuring, this books for you.

Flash: I was nervous about this book, as it’s Francis Manapul is an artist, this is his first writing gig that I know of. Manipul does a pretty good job, Barry actually feels fresh. I also like the usage of the supporting characters. Fun book, I’m willing to give it a shot.

Fury of Firestorm: I don’t know how I feel about this book. I like incorporating Ronnie and Jason together, but I don’t know if this new “Fury” will work. I like Gail’s work, but Ethan Van Sciver is an unknown quantity. This is a new universe, so I’m willing to stay on and see what happens.

Green Lantern: New Guardians: Kyle is my GL, so I’m happy he has this book. The story isn’t exactly clear in the first issue, except that representatives of the different Corps are coming together around Kyle. It’s still too early to say anything, but if it’s so difficult to say, will people stay on?

I Vampire: No, this isn’t a companion to iZombie. The vampire thing has already reached critical mass, but Joshua Hale Fialkov is not being ho-hum about it. He’s creating a massive war, of many vampires vs. one, with the possibility of the JLA getting involved. If you’re into non-standard comics, this might be for you.

Justice League Dark: Peter Milligan expands on his ideas from Secret Seven. A new team, with all of the major magical wielders of the DCU. I’ve always been a fan of characters like Zatanna, so this book interests me. Occult books are few and far between, so pick it up if it’s your cup of tea!

Savage Hawkman: Tony Daniel takes Hawkman and throws some new things in. I don’t know how I feel, Hawkman is a hard character to do. I’m not a huge fan of Hawkman, and I don’t know if the changes are the best, but one issue is hard to judge an entire story. I’ll wait and see.

Superman: George Perez on Superman? Sounds good right? Not quite. It reminds me of the John Byrne reboot. I enjoyed the reutilization of Lois and co., bringing them into the 21st century. The problem? Perez’ writing is a little too compressed. There are panels stuffed with captions, not for those used to decompressed stories.

Teen Titans: Of all the books, I was not the happiest about the redesigns with this. The characters look like they’re Top Cow properties. The story actually wasn’t as bad. Looks to be a lot of fun, but not over the costumes. I’m still interested, just… the costumes! Ugh!

Voodoo: New character, no obvious modus operandi. Is she just here to find a new home? Is she here to bring an invading force? Lots of questions, not a lot of answers. Am I intrigued? Yes. Am I going to continue with the book? Maybe. Probably read it at work.

So of the 52, I would say there’s enough diversity to draw different new readers in. Old readers, well, there’s stuff for you here too. If you’re ready to move on into a bold new, unknown world with characters who resemble ones you’ve known before, then hop on board. Enjoy the ride… let’s see where this DCU takes us.

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