03 Oct, 2011

New 52 – 52 Word Review Week 3

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Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here this week with another set of short and sweet 50 words reviews! Here’s the New 52 #1 reviews for the week of September 21st, so let’s get started!

Batman #1: Scott Snyder is at it again. Kinda coming out of Gates of Gotham, Bruce wants to revitalize the city, but there’s trouble afoot, which leads to someone no one ever expected. Lots of fun, Snyder knows how to write Batman. Greg Capullo art not  bad either, reminiscent of Tim Sale. Buy it!

Birds of Prey #1: Duane Swierczynski helms this new take on the Birds. They’re sort of an A-Team type, in that they are on the run from the authorities and still try to do good. Only holdover is Black Canary. Still yet to see what’s going on with her and Ollie. Good for street level story lovers.

Blue Beetle #1: KAJII DA! One of my favorite legacy characters (Ryan Choi RIP), they get straight into the legacy and origins of the Blue Beetles. Jaime and co. are pretty much the same as they were, except we get a new introduction to the Beetle. Still feels like a good comic for teens.

Captain Atom #1: Interesting take on the Cap, more in-line with a Dr. Manhattan-esque approach. He’s got ridiculous power now, but it comes at a cost. I would break into that Kanye song, but I don’t like Kanye. I always liked that concept of having a powerful being, but those powers having a cost.

Catwoman #1: Kinda controversial, but I thought it was good. Catwoman uses her whip, her wiles and her sexuality to steal fancy things. The softcore porn scene aside, Selena feels like she can handle herself and use ALL of her abilities to be an effective thief. Not for the kiddies.

DC Universe Presents #1: This anthology series starts with Deadman. An origin story that focuses on Deadman’s POV. His journey of spiritual redemption. He’s a little more sympathetic in this origin. His jumps are the best part, sudden and different. Good start for this series, but will the anthology do well? Support it!

Green Lantern Corps #1: Tomasi back on GLC! He plays on the themes of alienation on Earth for Guy and John that Geoff Johns did with Hal in GL. On top of that a murder mystery and a threat that even the GL’s might not be able to beat, and this issue is a must buy.

Legion of Super Heroes #1: Levitz leads the Legion through the nDCU, but it’s more a continuation of the last story. A possible explanation is offered inside. For those who’ve never read Legion, it might be a bit difficult to get into, but give it a shot. Levitz does a good job of catching you up.

Nightwing #1: Dick is back where he belongs. He had a good run as Batman, but Nightwing is who he is. Story links in with Batman: murder mystery and Dick Grayson is involved! Can Kyle Higgins successfully transition Dick back into Nightwing? That’s a big question, too early to tell.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1: This was… new. Jason Todd drops his anti-crime war and his sociopathy, Garth is a little more aloof, and Koriand’r is VERY different. Another anti-establishment group, but unlike the Birds, they don’t want to prove their innocence. They just want to serve justice their way. Quirky book, don’t know how I feel yet.

Supergirl #1: The Superman/Batman writers take over the book. It was actually a lot of fun, despite what they say about Superman, he is connected to humanity. Kara is actually embodying the “alienated Kryptonian” bit. I’m looking forward to her brawl with Kal-El in issue 2. Fun #1, which is what Supergirl should be.

Wonder Woman #1: Yes, another reboot of Diana… but in very capable hands of Azzarello and Chiang. A plot revolving around Zeus, with the Greek Pantheon reimagined in a more alien/bizarre manner. I like the reinterpretation. Art is beautiful, as is Diana. This is a warrior, on Greg Rucka’s side of the Wonder Woman spectrum.

My pick of the week is definitely Batman. Snyder’s had a good run on Bats so far, and Batman #1 is no exception to that!

That’s it for this week, next time I’ll wrap up all of the reviews. Feel free to leave comments and disagree with my reviews, or ask me to elaborate. If I did regular reviews, this post would  be 10 times as long! I’d rather keep it nice and bite-sized so you can get a quick impression. Until next time—



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