Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, this time to talk about some awesome books I’ve read recently! It’s a very eclectic mix of books, so be ready for a wild mix of good reads!

The Massive #1

The Massive is a new independent series by Brian Wood (DMZ, Northlanders), which is more in line with his DMZ series: global warming has ravaged the world a few decades early. A group of activists search for their sister ship (the eponymous Massive), which has been lost at sea. In this new world, there are still old threats: pirates, dangerous seas… but now there’s also the horror of the losses the world’s incurred. Flashback scenes show the devastation that’s occurred, as well as a back history to what led to the events of the book. It’s an intriguing alternate history/disaster tale. Definitely worth a pick up!

Spider-Men #1

The meeting Marvel fans have been waiting a dozen years for! Ever since Brian Michael Bendis started the Ultimate Spider-Man series in 2000, fans have clamored for the Ultimate Universe to meet it’s older brother. Now that Ultimate Peter Parker has passed, Miles Morales has replaced him, so we get a different wrinkle in the “Spider-Man meets Spider-Man” encounter. The first issue establishes how they meet, and offers snappy dialogue and humor, as well as a little head knocking action. From page one, the book was a lot of fun, and Bendis does what he does best: tell a Spider-Man story. Sarah Pichelli’s art shines as well, as she’s become my favorite Spider-Man artist of recent memory! Now that they have two of them to work with in the same book, I’m looking forward to what kind of mayhem and laughs Bendis and Pichelli can bring to the series!

Batman and Robin #10

I’ve written about this series before, but with a new story arc, I thought I’d mention it again. The new story focuses primarily on Robin, as Damian sets out to prove himself to his father by defeating each of the previous Robins. Bruce himself is struggling with being a good father, and trying to lead his son away from the path of the killer. Peter Tomasi does a terrific job characterizing Damian, who’s been much maligned at times. Damian is a bratty, entitled, pompus jerk, but he’s trying hard to live up to his father’s legacy and standards. What son doesn’t want to make their father proud? What kid doesn’t want to beat their brothers and prove they’re the best? The first issue was a lot of fun, and I recommend this!

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