Hello Midtown Blogger League of America! (or wherever you’re from!), Raph here this week and I got some twee views as well as something different. I thought I’d get into a little something we fanboys (and girls) like to do: talk about our favorite things in comics. This time, I want to take a look at some alternate realities, particularly with the Ultimate Universe going through major upheaval and the DCU being re-written in Flashpoint… I wanted to look at some universes and tales that I’ve enjoyed in the four color founts of fun that are comics… gotta get this Stan Lee Alliteration bug out of my system…

(Reviews done in 140 characters or less)

Andrea Grant’s Minx #1: Interesting tale of mythology intermixing with reality. Very New York-centric locales. I want to learn more about Native American myths now.

Disney’s Duck Tales #1: I loved Duck Tales as a kid, and I’ve been digging Boom’s Darkwing Duck. Lotsa memories brought back with this book, good times, AWOOHOO!

Action Comics #901: Start of new story, Cornell going for a very sci-fi action adventure vibe. Doomsday overused imo, so he lacks threat to me, but still early!


Alternate universes aren’t just the purview of comics. Sci-fi has long used this particular plot point to delightful effect. Mostly you get stuff from established series (such as one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek: “Mirror, Mirror”), or alternate histories (Watchmen has Nixon being president well into the 1980’s). It’s fun to look at what could’ve been, or what might’ve been, if favorite characters or historical events changed eeeever so slightly.

With all of that said here are three of my favorites in all of geek fiction, not including the ones already mentioned, ranked in no particular order:

JLA: The Nail

1. JLA: The Nail/Another Nail: In that world, Superman didn’t become a public hero and super powered beings are looked at suspiciously. I’m a huge Superman mark and I love it when people take a look at how important he is. Even if you don’t like him, you have to admit he’s a very large part of the DCU. The changes made the characters are subtle, but very telling. Batman is more paranoid (this is before Mark Waid gave him the files on how to defeat the Justice League), and while our heroes are heroic, none are quite as virtuous or selfless as their current universe counterparts. You need a standard-bearer, and Superman is that standard.

Yesterday's Enterprise
Dark and Moody Enterprise…

2. Yesterday’s Enterprise (Star Trek: The Next Generation): The USS Enterprise-C appears out of a time distortion, undoing their noble sacrifice at Khitomer. Without their sacrifice, a Klingnon-Federation peace treaty never happened, and a war has broken out. Tasha Yar comes back from the dead in this episode, and we get to see a darker Enterprise, and an even more grim Jean-Luc Picard. The episode even plays out in later seasons, with the introduction of Sela, Tasha’s daughter!

Turn Left
Nag NAG NAG! I swear I’ll turn this car around!

3. Turn Left (Doctor Who): This was the penultimate episode of the Fourth Doctor Who Revival series for BBC. In it, Donna Noble, the Doctor’s Companion (Companions are the human traveler that accompany the Doctor throughout his journeys) finds herself mysteriously back in time before she meets the Doctor, and instead of turning right at a light, she turns left. She never meets the Doctor, and he ends up dying because she didn’t intervene at a very dark moment in his life. As we see the catastrophes the Doctor averted in previous Series play out, the world is in much worse shape. Only with the help of an old Companion does Donna save the day, and prevent all of this destruction. Very interesting tale, and a very good show as well.


That’s all for this post, I should have another post where I talk to my friend Matt Fraction about some Marvel book he’s doing… Being Afraid? Nothing to Fear? What was it again…? Just kidding! FEAR ITSELF #3!!!!


Anyway, if you have some favorite alternate universe tales you want to share, please leave a comment! What’s your favorite alternate take on a character?


Go Love Some Comics,

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