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Welcome Midtowner’s! We know you love comic books! But how much do you love Midtown Comics Signings & Events? Maybe you already know (and maybe you don’t) that Midtown Comics has the BEST Comic Book Signings & Events around! We spend months thinking about what you want, and how we can deliver the best comic book experience for all you True Believers out there!

Cosplay at Midtown Comics Signings

This is the place where it’s all happening!

Our special Signings and Events blog is here to inform you of what is to come and what to expect. Also, if you can’t make it to one of our signings, you can always check back here with us to check on fun stuff like:

  • Photos!
  • Giveaways!
  • Reviews!
  • Gossip!
  • Updates
  • Upcoming events!
  • Information!

Batman Superman Midtown Comics Signings

Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve been to a signing with us

Maybe we saw you last week! Or perhaps you’ve never been to one with us (GASP!). We’ve since added a lot of features to add more value to your experience hanging out in the stores with us! (We know you don’t just show up to chill.)

Above all it’s here for you to continue to check here for updates, info and all the awesomest event info you would ever need!

Midtown Comics

FB page

For the most accurate and up to date information on our signing events, please visit our Events section located on our Facebook Page. Or just click this link, and we’ll deliver you there with sweet teleportation!



Signings FAQ

Midtown Comics Signings


It seems like you’re curious how this whole “Midtown Comics signing” thing goes. Then we’ve got you covered with our new Midtown Comics Signings FAQ! It covers the basic steps on how to get down with our signings, what to expect, what to bring and how to ensure you don’t miss out! Continue here to find out all the information here!


CGC Service at Midtown Comics Signing

Now we’re offering CGC grading services on site at our Midtown Comics signings! Get your books sealed and graded for optimum display and protection! If you are unfamiliar with CGC, or would just like supplementary information about the process, we’ve got it for ya right here! Our comprehensive CGC FAQ has all the answers you seek and more! Check out the information here!




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