Hey there Midtown Blogadoccios, Raph here this time to let you know about some “Amazing” events going down with Spider-Man, as well as with Midtown Comics itself! Spider-Island is set to start with Amazing Spider Man issue #666, and it looks to be one of the biggest Spider-Man events in recent memory! Midtown Comics, the largest comics retailer in the world (and employers of yours truly) are having some huge things done to celebrate this new Spidey event!

For starters, Midtown has not one, but TWO covers for the landmark issue! We have our very own exclusive cover by artist Greg Land, which features our favorite Webbed hero and some of his extended family: Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman and Venom! This variant is EXCLUSIVE to Midtown Comics, so the only places to find this are at our three locations (Times Square, Grand Central and Downtown), or on our website! Greg did some solid work on this cover, and if you’re in the city when it comes out, it’d make a great gift for someone who wants a New York-centric souvenir back home. The Greg Land cover will be $6.00.

That’s not the only cover we have though! That’s right, we also are on the regular variant that goes out nationwide to other comic stores! Drawn by Ryan Stegman, our comic store makes headlines at the Daily Bugle as Spidey saves us from disaster! Thanks Spidey! It’s a long story, but we had a couple of laughs and he was really nice in person. The Daily Bugle cover will be $3.99.


And to round it off, we’re having a signing to celebrate the release of Spider-Island, and the variants, by having writers Dan Slott, Fred Van Lente and letterer Joe Caramanga at our swank Downtown location to sign books! It’ll take place July 27th, which also happens to be the date issue #666 is coming out. Spidey won’t be able to make it, but he has been at our downtown store before. RSVP NOW ON FACEBOOK!

For those of you who are wondering what the heck is going on, I’ll provide just a tiny bit of illumination. For the past few months, in the back pages of Amazing Spider-Man, there have been little short features that have featured Spider-Man nemesis The Jackal. Jackal is a geneticist and has used his skills before to torment Spidey (Clone Saga? His fault… so he’s tormented more than just comic book characters). Jackal has unleashed Spider-Man’s powers onto the entirety of New York, and so it seems that EVERYONE has Spider powers. Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility, but it doesn’t come with a necessity to accept that Responsibility, and that’s the crux of Spider-Island. How many people will stand beside Spidey and accept this Responsibility, how many will just go and do what they want? Spider-Island is going to show us what happens when there’s a ton of Power, but maybe not enough people stepping up to the Responsibility. What would YOU do if you had Spidey’s powers? Leave a comment and let’s really get into it! Check out Spider Island July 27th and —



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