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HEY THERE MIDTOWN LEGION OF BLOGGERMENTS! Raph here, with a report from the Grant Morrison signing. What a great thrill! I’ll also have some thoughts on his upcoming Superman run. Lotsa comic goodness coming your way in the next few weeks, especially with all the news from SDCC… stay tuned to the blog for more interviews and thoughts! Phew!

They walk among us… in our bags and our minds

Grant Morrison has recently released a book, Supergods, in it, he chronicles the history of the superhero and what they have meant to the pop culture psyche, and vice versa. It’s a pretty interesting read (not quite finished myself). To celebrate the release, Grant was kind enough to come down to our Grand Central Location to do a signing. The crowds came out in droves, but for the most part it was pretty orderly. Grant was gracious and kind to everyone on line, and when it was my turn, I got to tell the comic book writer that has influenced me the most exactly that, and how much his work has meant to my life. If you know me, I’m prone to “geeking out” and being a total fanboy, but it’s straight from the heart legitimate. The man opened my mind to the possibilities of superheroes and comics in general, and I’ve been on this crazy ride in the funny books since then. There are plenty of people I admire (and have met), but Grant was very important to my development. Like him or not, you can’t deny that he’s done some big deeds in comics. I’d recommend Supergods to people who like reading about the history of comics and/or who want to understand the cultural impact of these deities in spandex.

Action Comics #2
Back in my day, you had to leap a few buildings in a single bound to get anywhere…

Speaking of deities in spandex and Grant Morrison, DC recently announced details on the new direction of Superman in the NEW DCU. It looks like Grant is taking a new spin on a very old take of The Man of Steel. He’s reaching all the way back into the Golden Age, and bringing back original elements of Superman. Yes, he’s not married to Lois, yes, his parents are dead… but there’s a chance for a new take on Superman. For people who complain about him being boring and stale, this is an opportunity to change the paradigm. I’m looking forward to it, and I think people should give it a chance. Action Comics (vol. 2) #1 hits stands September 7th.

Me and Morrison
A moment I’ve waited a very long time for…

That’s all for this post! This week, in anticipation of Spider-Island, I’ll also have a 5 Q’s with Dan Slott about his run as the solo writer of Amazing Spider-Man! See you next time and–

GOOD COMICS BE WITH YOU! (Trying a new phrase on)
– Raph

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