Greetings Midtowners! Welcome to our first Midtown Comics signings blog-post!

NYCC NOW 18 Image Signing

Don’t Know About Midtown’s Signings? GASP!?

Maybe you’ve been to a signing before at a convention, maybe you haven’t! Well Midtown Comics brings the convention to YOU, right in the heart of Manhattan! This saves you the money, time and effort of having to haul all your comics over to a pricey convention for access to the signatures you desire.

PLUS you get to hang out in Midtown Comics Downtown, the coolest comic capital of NYC (and keep us company! I promise, we are as excited to have you there are you are to be there!).

Midtown For You!

We reach out to various comic book writers, artists and even singers to come into our stores to sign comics for our wonderful clientele. That’s because we’re in the business of turning your comic book collection into an elite collection of signed books!

And now, Midtown Comics offers CGC services on site at our store signings for your convenience! No longer will the convention world and their crazy crowds and lines inhibit you from the signed book collection you deserve! Midtown Comics to the RESCUE!

Mark Bagley Joe Jusko signing

Watch these superstars sign!

Some of the signings we’ve done include:

  • Mark Bagley
  • Joe Jusko
  • Francesco Mattina
  • Ryan Stegman
  • Daniel Kibblesmith
  • Ricardo Lopez-Ortiz
  • Gerry Duggan
  • Charles Soule
  • and much more!

And those are just from the last month!

What’s in Store

Every month we try to get as many guests as possible for our signings at our Midtown Comics Downtown Store! Now does that spark your interest a bit? Come check out our guests for this month!

For the month of November, we have:

11/1 Frank Tieri & Brad Walker

11/2 Ethan Sacks, Sebastian Girner and Leah Williams for our “What If?” theme signing

11/13 Musician Lights @ our Grand Central store location

11/15 Frank Miller

11/16 Ed Brisson and Matthew Rosenberg for Uncanny X-Men

For a list of all the upcoming events, check out our Facebook Events page here! Keep an eye on it cuz we updated it as new signing confirmations come in.

Also, here is a link to a quick FAQ to help walk you through some of the basic questions about our in-store signings:

Midtown Staff

Reach Out! We want to hear from you!

We here at Midtown seek to bring you all the comic creators you want to meet! So as always guys, let us know who YOU want to meet at an in-store signing!

Leave comments here, or reach out to us on any of our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! We’d love to hear from you, and make your signing dreams come true!

See you in the store!

Kristen J 🙂

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