All-New All-Different Marvel Midtown Comics

In the aftermath of Marvel Secret Wars, an all-new all-different lineup is on the horizon.  We’ve created a guide to help you keep track of the 45 newly revealed titles.  All that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and see what’s in store for your favorite Marvel heroes!

Read on for the complete list below and enjoy!

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midtown exclusives summer guide

We present another handy guide to this summer’s Midtown Exclusive Variant Covers!  If you’ve been itching to complete your summer collection of Midtown exclusives, fear not, we’ve got you covered.  Read on for the complete list below and be sure to pick up these fantastic comics while they’re still in stores!

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Andrew chats with A-Force writer Marguerite Bennett about what’s in store for the all female team and how she broke into comics.

Also!  Andrew and Ted gush over how great Mad Max was do everything they can to convince Sam she needs to see it.  They also talk some current events and even a little talk about Sports??? So grab your towel and give it a listen!

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Midtown has gone Secret Wars crazy! We’re doing a variant for each issue of Secret Wars, eight covers in all! Plus two more variants for related series!


First up, Secret Wars #1-8. Each issue will feature multiple versions of the same character, pulled from different time periods and alternate realities! Find them all below!

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