We’ve recently gone through the Marvel Universe to give you a good idea of what you should be reading, so it’s time to look at the DCU’s New 52! We took a look at each of the #1’s a few months ago, and now that most of the books have had at least 1 story arc done, let’s look at the relaunch so far:

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It’s 2012! With the threat of a Mayan apocalypse looming ahead, we’ve decided to take a look at all the other things to look forward to in 2012! These are comics and comic related things that will make 2012 a year worth not being blown up by Mayans!  Let the countdown begin!

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Midtown Comics loves doing free giveaways for all of our fabulous fans!

Midtown Comics is giving away a 7 sets of Animal Man #1 & Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1’s signed by writer Jeff Lemire to 7 lucky @Midtowncomics followers! This is your chance to win a first printing set of the critically acclaimed DC New 52 series Animal Man #1 and Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 both signed by fan favorite writer Jeff Lemire!

How to Enter:

1) Follow Midtown Comics on Twitter.com, winners must be following Midtown Comics to be eligible.

2) Tweet or Retweet this message AND link:

We’re giving away 7 sets of Animal Man #1 & Frankenstein #1 signed by @JeffLemire! RT & Follow @MidtownComics 2 Enter! http://bit.ly/vKi8CW

3) Wait and see who wins! Winners will be picked, contacted via Direct Message and sent their prize!

7 WINNERS WILL BE PICKED AT 10 p.m. on Wednesday November 16th!

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Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here this week with a special all-new review format! We’re dropping the previous Twee-view format with the 140 character tweet like reviews and doing short and sweet 50 words reviews! Here they are, in alphabetical order:

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So the NEW DCU has been announced, and the solicits are up, Midtown Bloggee. DC has shown us what they have in store for us in September. As of this writing, all of the DC Solicits for September are up. Take a look at the NEW DCU! I’m just going to get into some initial thoughts… I had thought of doing what I did last week again, but then I realized “Maybe people don’t have time to read FIFTY TWO OPINIONS!” So here are some tidbits:

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