The Thanos snap left us all with our hopes in the dust. What will become of the half of the population which was turned to dust at the end of the movie? With the new Avengers movie still months away, we’re all left contemplating theories and wracking our brains to figure out how they will mend the traumatizing event.

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Will the Avengers use the Time Stone to reverse time to save their fallen foes?

Are those who were snapped out of existence simply trapped inside the soul stone like Gamora? In that case do they need to be freed?

Or is it the Reality Stone that will save the day? Will the Avengers somehow steal this stone and re-create reality with the missing imagined back into existence?

Or is it something more complex, connecting somehow to Ant-Man and the mysterious Quantum Realm?

Since the drop of the Avengers Endgame trailer at the beginning of December, Endgame theories have launched across the internet.  So many subtle moments in the trailer, background pictures, and surprising appearances (how DID Ant-Man make it to Avengers HQ?) it seems the trailer left us farther from the answer, with more questions. But with so many different details leading to different theories, where does one start?

Well, our friends over at Marvel Fanverse have spent countless hours sifting through the theories across the internet and have compiled what they think to be the ultimate “Endgame” plan.  Have they cracked the code? Watch and decide!

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Article by Jarrett Kruse

Article by Jarrett Kruse

I think I speak for all all Action Figure Junkies that we will collectively sigh in relief when 2016 comes to a close after an unmatched year of iconic losses culminating this week with geek goddess Carrie Fisher. With the loss of a bona fide Princess and most of Junkies first crush in action figure form no doubt, it seems a good time to focus on the happy. And you just don’t get happier than toys and year end Top 10 lists!

It was a banner year for action figures with a slew of newcomers and old favorites redefined that made our collective wallets scream for sweet relief. Here we have gathered our ten best that are available here on the Midtown Comics retail website. It was tough to cut the list down to just ten items in our expansive inventory but if one pattern emerged, its that STAR WARS, Batman & POP Vinyls have major staying power.

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Happy new comic book day, everyone! John and Gregg take a look at all of the new releases that this week has to offer, and they give you a preview of a lot of issues, too!


Please see below for Marvel’s mighty press release about the upcoming spectacular series and its phenomenally patriotic covers.

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SW #9

This recap contains some spoilers, but we’re purposely avoiding BIG ones and being vague about other ones! To properly appreciate the event, we strongly recommend reading it for yourself. Trust us, it’s worth it.

The Marvel Universe is constantly changing. From villains taking over to heroes battling each other over ideological differences, several big events have made drastic changes to the status quo in the primary Marvel Universe, which is called the 616 universe. However, nothing has impacted Marvel’s heroes and villains quite like the latest big event: Secret Wars by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic.

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Hot Toys

Article by Jarrett Kruse

I remember the first time that I saw a HOT TOYS figure and I thought that surely this was just one made for charity or some important cause. There was no way that this work of art could be available for regular collectors like me to actually purchase, right? But it was true. I had seen the future of toys back in 2004 at San Diego Comic Con and this was going to change the playing field for what was quickly becoming known as the “high end collectible figure.” As I stood there admiring this piece, it was as if I had just been dropped off by Doc Brown & Marty McFly in a time traveling DeLorean. I was witnessing the future of toys and the future looked incredibly bright.

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