Article by Jarrett Kruse

I remember the first time I had watched the live-action Batman TV show starring Adam West & Burt Ward. I was five years old and was completely enthralled at this age of the Caped Crusader. I wanted any and all toys having to do with anything Batman. Now, through the magic of technology, I had a TV show and something to record episodes I missed on. This new gizmo my Dad brought home from NYC was called a “VCR” and Poppa Junkie dropped $800 on it for his growing family.

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By Jacobus Dixon

By the 1960s, comic books were considered a hobby for children in mainstream circles. Superheroes in particular were looked at as nothing more than a garish joke. These were grown men running around in silly outfits looking to get into fights with other silly-looking characters with all the subtlety of a wrecking ball. At the newly opened Playboy Mansion, old serials starring characters like Batman, Superman, and Captain Marvel were often shown to the guests for laughs. However, it was these high society laugh fests that sparked the idea of a live-action Batman show. Naturally studios like CBS wanted to aim it for children. Negotiations fell through, but DC Comics snatched the rights up and promptly made a deal with ABC. ABC then gave the rights to 20th Century Fox for production, and Fox gave the assignment to William Dozier and his production company, Greenway Productions. After reading some Batman comics for research, Dozier concluded that this new show could be nothing more than a pop-art camp comedy. And on January 12, 1966, that was exactly what he gave television audiences. The result was Bat-Mania!

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Selfie Covers

Remember last month’s DC Bombshells Covers Guide?  Well, DC is currently releasing an army of selfie covers for its characters!  Read on for the complete guide and release dates of these wacky fun-filled selfie variants! Read the rest of this entry »