26 Feb, 2015

Comics and Hollywood: Superman II

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By Jacobus Dixon

By the early 1980s, Hollywood was beginning to notice more and more how summer blockbusters and franchise films kept their wallets full. Movies like Jaws, Star Wars, Rocky, and Superman just raked in the dough, so naturally there were sequels planned to recapture the magic. This was especially good for the Superman franchise because director Richard Donner had opted to shoot the original and the sequel back-to-back (good thing the first movie was a hit, or that just would have been awkward). Apparently people liked the idea of seeing a superhero as an actual action/adventure character and not just campy comedy. Christopher Reeve gave a Superman performance that was so three-dimensional and human, it made us remember why we fell in love with the character in the first place (and also why so many still think of him as their favorite Superman).  By the time Superman: The Movie was released in 1978, about 75% of Superman II was shot and completed. With Donner behind the camera, and Reeve in the tights it wouldn’t be long before we got our amazing sequel starring the Man of Steel.

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28 Jan, 2015

Comics and Hollywood 3: Christopher Reeve’s Superman

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By Jaccobus Dixon 

Why did people bother with Superman? He was an old-fashioned, goody-two-shoes with the personality of sliced bread. Sure, George Reeves made him popular in The Adventures of Superman, but that was during 1950s America. This was 1978. Why should a major film studio like Warner Brothers waste their time with a children’s icon that was starting to become too square even for them? Well…he inspired hope during a period that wasn’t very hopeful (the Depression). And, let’s be honest, things weren’t looking too great in 1978 either. A ton of resources were wasted on a war that was both unnecessary and unpopular (Vietnam), the Watergate scandal shook the confidence people had in their politicians, the economy was dipping hard, and of course there was the possibility of a nuclear showdown with the USSR just to make things worse. If people ever needed a good escapist fantasy, this was a good time.

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26 Apr, 2011

ACTION COMICS #900 REVIEW, Interview with Paul Cornell (SPOILERS)

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Midtown Bloggerinos! It’s Raph, here this week with a special Q&A with Paul Cornell, writer of Captain Britain & MI-13, Doctor Who and this week’s Action Comics 900! (Special Thanks to David Hyde and Austin Trunick!) This was a great opportunity for me, as I’ve been a Superman fan since I was about 3 and Christopher Reeve in his light blue Superman suit told Lois Lane (and a very young impressionable boy) that he was “a friend”, before soaring into the night sky. Superman was, and still is, my favorite  character. I’ve joked with a couple of friends and comic creators that I’ll be writing Action Comics #1000, but for now, let’s take a look at 900. There will be some minor spoilers, but I’ll try to keep it as sparse as possible for the benefit of those who don’t get to the book before this review.

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