Quite a treat located right at the museum’s entrance!

If you’re reading this article, then the odds are pretty good you’re at least somewhat interested in comic books! If so, we’re happy to say that walking through the New York Historical Society’s Superheroes in Gotham exhibit is something we absolutely recommend! It really doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the medium, a casual fan of superheroes, or a longtime mega fan, because the exhibit has something for everyone to appreciate. From a detailed spotlight of popular characters’ earliest moments, to an insightful look at how the characters took over popular culture, the exhibit is not only educational, but also a ton of fun! Oh, and we can’t help but love the fact they have one of the Batmobiles from the classic 1966 Batman show right at the museum’s entrance!

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The Walking Dead Morgan

By Gregg Katzman

AMC’s sixth season of The Walking Dead has been an intense ride. Right out of the gate, viewers were thrown into a jaw-dropping situation and, as expected, nothing went as planned. It’s been one gripping scene after another, but the latest episode, ‘ Here’s Not Here’, slowed things down. No longer was the focus on the bigger story and the characters who are in major trouble. There were no swarms of walkers, no follow-up with BIG questions fans have been asking since a week ago. Is that one character truly dead? (Probably not.) Will Rick lose his hand? (Probably not?) Season 6 has been one thrilling event after another, but last night’s new episode cast all of season 6’s events aside (for the most part, that is) so it could focus on a key character: Lennie James’ Morgan Jones.

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The Walking Dead TV Show

The latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, ‘Thank You’, was pretty heartbreaking. But is that character (we’re being spoiler-free here, just to be safe!) truly dead, or did another person’s body save them from being turned into fresh food for the hungry and relentless undead? Only time will tell, but for now, the jaw-dropping moment has us reflecting on some of the most impactful deaths that have occurred in the show that’s based on Robert Kirkman’s terrific comic. Obviously, a lot of lives have been lost in the series, so if a death that really impacted you isn’t below, feel free to share it in the comments and explain why it was unforgettable. Warning, there’s SPOILERS!

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On November 28th, Midtown Comics will help celebrate the first ever Local Comics Shop Day! Come support your local shops and check out a number of exclusive items you can only find at participating shops like Midtown Comics, only on Local Comic Shop Day! These comics will be available IN-STORE ONLY and are limited to one-per-person. Find them this Saturday while supplies last!

For one day only, fans can purchase some rare Marvel Comics releases, including uncolored versions of Bengal’s Wolverine #1 cover and an All-New Avengers #1 cover featuring David Marquez’s take on the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This artwork was previously seen on the “New York Times” NYCC issue! Find more info on some of the exclusive releases below!

You can find our store hours below:

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Welcome to Halloween Comic Fest 2015, with some special thrills and chills from your frightful friends at Midtown Comics! On Saturday, October 31st, we’ll offer spook-tacular titles for kids of all ages, absolutely FREE! You don’t actually have to be a kid to partake! Midtown Comics will offer select HCF titles in-store, and all title will be available online! Click through for more details and the full list of Halloween ComicFest 2015 titles! Trick or treat!

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