By Gerry Gladston

With a cheerful smile and a wink, George Reeves’ Superman won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide in the 1950s and well beyond.  Reeves’ Superman exuded friendly confidence, compassion, humor, and an air of almost paternal authority.  Everyone in the room always knew where they stood with Superman, and the authorities never questioned him. Gangsters feared him, but he was a super-gentleman to everyone else, especially Lois Lane.  The playful, romantic tension between Lois and Superman was a big part of the fun factor!

His role as the Man of Steel ran from 1951 through 1958, but Reeves’ endearing portrayal resonated with fans for decades to come.  To this day, for many, George Reeves has always been, and will always be…SUPERMAN!


Superman Comics

By Jacobus Dixon

If you love comic books, then there’s a pretty good chance that you like movies as well. So isn’t it great when the powers that be decide to put the time, money, and effort into a motion picture that gives these characters a chance to jump off the page? Well…it can be when it’s done right. But while movies and comics are very similar, they do have their differences. With illustration, the only thing that can hamper the artist is a lack of imagination and/or a decent hard surface to draw on with good light. With cinema, you’ve got all these different lights, sets, props, actors, sound technicians, visual effects technicians, assistants, studio hands…woof, it’s a lot. And what’s happening is that you have this virtual army of people bringing to life something that took maybe one or two guys to create. So to say that things get messy is a bit of an understatement. Fortunately though, there are times when the planets align, and this army is able to adapt a piece just beautifully. But…like I said, it’s once in a blue moon.

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