02 Nov, 2015

Midtown Comics Podcast – Episode 65

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For the first time in a long time all five hosts are together! Sam, Ted, Gavin, Brandon and Andrew are joined by Judge Dredd Mega City 2 artist and the upcoming Judge Dredd series comic writer Ulises Farinas.  Ulises gives us his secrets to his success and it’s not that difficult.  We also recall one the oddest heroes origins in recent memory and give you our top picks of the week!

If you have any suggestions for the show please let us know through our Twitter, Facebook, or email us at podcast@midtowncomics.com. Leave a question on our voicemail at 980-MIDTOWN and we’ll play it on the show!

To read the books that we about in this episode visit www.midtowncomics.com and have them delivered right to your door anywhere in the world!

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21 Feb, 2011

Godzilla Smashes Midtown Comics!

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Watch out! Godzilla is smashing Midtown! This exclusive Midtown Comics cover for GODZILLA: MONSTER WORLD #1 will be available March 30th for only $3.99!
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