Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, back from a recent convention. The Comic Geek Speak podcast has been running for over 7 years and nearly 1300 episodes. I’ve been a listener and friend since episode 195. They have grown enough to host their own mini convention, and I’ve had the pleasure to attend every single CGS Super Show. Here’s my account of this year’s show, and why this little show is my preferred show.

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21 Jun, 2011


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Big City Drink and Draw

MIDTOWNER! Welcome back! Did you see GL?!? Yeah, I know.. yep, yep… but there was that one… yep… okay, so I’m NOT going to talk about Green Lantern, because by now, every fanboy and their friend/ sibling/significant other/whoever went with them has seen it and has an opinion (positive or negative). What I WILL do this week is highlight a little monthly event that takes place here in New York City: the Big City Drink and Draw.
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Hello there Midtowner! Raph’s back this week with a TRIPLE dose of blogging goodness! It’s all about the Q’s and the A’s this week! For this first one, I got to talk to artist Jamal Igle about Zatanna. Jamal started working on the title recently, and he collaborates with one of the most celebrated names in comics Paul Dini (he of the DCAU, or “Diniverse”, fame).

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In this episode Supergirl artist Jamal Igle talks to Thor and Dimitrios all about his experiences at Comic Con, his likeness to Firestorm, and his love of Dave Stevens. Also in this very special episode, Dimitrios makes jokes and Thor laughs.