15 Aug, 2014

A Week of Daily Dynamite Comics Giveaways!

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Midtown Comics has created another fun contest for you to enter! This time, with the help of Dynamite Entertainment, we’re giving away rare Dynamite incentives EVERY DAY from 08/18/14 – 08/23/14! These rare Dynamite Incentives are hard to find, but we’re happy to give them away to our lucky winners! You can only enter each contest once, but can build up more entries by Liking our page on Facebook, Following us on Twitter, Following us on Pinterest, and Tweeting at us about the contest. You can gain more entries by referring your friends or signing up for our newsletter as well! Find more details about each individual contest below! 

DE Contest

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22 Feb, 2011

Reviews, Waiting for MvC3…

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So I decided to be frugal (cheap) and hunt for a website that sold Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (for PS3) for less than retail… so I don’t have a review of the game available just yet. And rather than bore you with discussion of footage I saw online (which you can see for yourself, check out the thread on Superfandom.com), I thought I would kick the Twee out and do some good ol’ earnest reviewing.
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