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We’re celebrating the release of the launch of a new era for the Justice League! Scott Snyder joins us for a legendary limited event that will launch the League into the stratosphere! course, it’s not a party without friends, so we are inviting you – yeah, YOU – to join us! Just enter the ticket raffle below for your chance to win!

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Justice League Susan Eisenberg 1

Write-up by Henry Varona. Interview by Gregg Katzman

With a legacy of thousands of comics and millions of fans worldwide, Wonder Woman has made an amazing impact around the entire world in her great 75 year history. With her cinematic debut hitting theaters this weekend, many fans are clamoring for the Amazon Princess like never before. But to many of these fans, Susan Eisenberg’s portrayal of the character defined their love for Wonder Woman. With a list of credits that include the acclaimed Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons, the Justice League: Doom animated movie, the Injustice video game series, and much more, Eisenberg has cemented her place in the history of Diana of Themyscira. To check out great Wonder Woman stories, click HERE!

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2017 has already been a great year for movies – Logan was incredible and LEGO Batman was a bunch of fun! Plenty of movies are still on the way, and thankfully for us, some pretty awesome trailers have been released! However, we’re curious… which trailer do you like the most? Watch all of ’em below and then vote in the poll at the very bottom of the page!

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Lea offers a closer look at the DC Rebirth Justice League 7 action figure set from DC Collectibles!

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Gregg and John review the latest DC Rebirth trades – The Flash & Justice League – and tell you why you’re missing out if you’re not reading them!

The Flash Vol. 1:

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DC Rebirth Vol. 1 collections:

Gregg and Gavin take a deep dive in Suicide Squad, as Gregg gives his review after attending the US premiere! Plus, they chat DC’s upcoming films Wonder Woman and Justice League, as well as Supergirl’s new Superman and Legends of Tomorrow’s Commander Steel. All that and Telltale’s Batman and top picks!

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