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New York’s favorite wall-crawler is leaving behind the big city for a world tour! After the events of Avengers Endgame, Spidey could use a vacation. Thankfully for us, he’s not getting one! We’re pumped for the web-head’s latest feature film and we’re also horribly impatient! That’s why we’re offering away tickets to see Spider-Man Far From Home THIS WEEK! That’s right, you and a friend can see Spider-Man Far From Home before the entire world knows what to expect! How do you do it? Just click the link below and enjoy!

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Witness the rise of a hero as Carol Danvers become the mighty Captain Marvel! We are stoked for the upcoming Captain Marvel and we can’t wait to see Brie Larson unleash her full potential as the titular hero! To celebrate Captain Marvel’s upcoming cinematic debut, we’re offering up tickets for you and a friend to see Captain Marvel this Tuesday in NYC! Interested? All you’ve got to do is enter to win by clicking the link below! Winners will be contacted VIA email on Monday morning! Good luck!

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You want to come down to Midtown Comics Downtown for one of our star signings, but you don’t know where to start? Well then, have I got all the answers for the questions you were pondering on! (And the ones you didn’t even think to ask!)

NYCC18 Midtown Comics Signing

Fans excitedly waiting for the NYCC signings to begin!

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This week the show has a big announcement, plus interviews with David Pepose about his new Action Lab comic Spencer & Locke, Matthew Rosenberg about Kingpin #1, and James Tynion IV about Batwoman Rebirth.

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Please see below for Marvel’s mighty press release about the upcoming spectacular series and its phenomenally patriotic covers.

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Hey there, True Believers! This was a very exciting week for new Marvel comics , so John and Gregg want to recommend a few of their favorite ones!

Enjoy reading some new comics, Midtowners!