We host our first live video streamed event!  You can view it here.  We host the entire team that worked on Paper Girls #1 which include writer Brian K. Vaughn, Artist Cliff Chiang, Colorist Matt Wilson and the Letterer Jared Fletcher in this one of a kind panel hosted by our own Sam.  This includes our first studio audience and they participated with their questions and we answer questions from the live chat.

If you have any suggestions for the show please let us know through our Twitter, Facebook, or email us at podcast@midtowncomics.com. Leave a question on our voicemail at 980-MIDTOWN and we’ll play it on the show!

To read the books that we about in this episode visit www.midtowncomics.com and have them delivered right to your door anywhere in the world!

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Watch from home as Midtown Comics presents a special NY Super Week Panel for Paper Girls, featuring Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang! Send in your questions through YouTube and have them answered LIVE on the air this Wednesday, October 7th at 8:30pm EST.


You may have seen our top picks for 2014, but we’re we’re already a few weeks into 2015, and we’ve already seen some AMAZING new releases (Star Wars, Ant-Man, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl). We asked the Midtown Comics staff what they are looking forward to the most in 2015, and here are a few of their top picks! Let us know your thoughts! Full list below:

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