So the NEW DCU has been announced, and the solicits are up, Midtown Bloggee. DC has shown us what they have in store for us in September. As of this writing, all of the DC Solicits for September are up. Take a look at the NEW DCU! I’m just going to get into some initial thoughts… I had thought of doing what I did last week again, but then I realized “Maybe people don’t have time to read FIFTY TWO OPINIONS!” So here are some tidbits:

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Join us at our new Downtown location as we welcome comics legend Jim Lee, signing his new book, Icons: The DC and Wildstorm Art Of Jim Lee.

Purchase of Icons is required to attend the event

Proof of purchase ticket is given free at purchase, and must be presented to join the line, but does not guarantee entry.

Midtown is not responsible for lost tickets.

Jim Lee will sign two items, and will not be doing sketches due to time constraints.

Thank you.

Tony Harris tells us all about his new art book Tony Harris: Art and Skullduggery, Ex Machina, War Heroes, and his new Essential Edition HC version of Obergeist.