To whom it may concern:

I have been a customer of your fine establishment for almost exactly one year now. I am one very happy man and here’s why:

1. Your customer service is exemplary; I’ve had a couple of questions/concerns over the course of the year and you were quick, courteous and efficient with your responses/resolutions. I have been left very pleased at the end of every transaction.

1. Your great prices; I pulled out some old sales records recently and, while it is difficult to work up exact numbers, I conservatively estimate that you have saved me over $1300 from what I would have spent at my old store on new releases during this past year.

1. Your selection of autographed items; I’ve gotten more signed comics and books this year than in all my previous 40 plus years of collecting put together. (Most have been very affordable too!) A special super thanks to you for my awesome, near mint copy of Saga #1 signed by Brian K. Vaughn!!

1. Free stuff is actually free! My old store charged for everything including promotional items with the price noted clearly as “Free” on the cover. I’m embarrassed to say what I paid for a few “free” items. It is rare that I place an order with you guys without at least one free item included. I’ve learned that many stores do not offer these items to online customers at all.

1. Your free bagging and boarding policy; this has saved me another big load of money on comic supplies; If I had to make one suggestion for improvement, it would be here though – would you ever consider switching to polyethylene bags instead?

1. Your “Deal of the Day”; it’s fun and almost always an unbeatable price (I shop around). I try to check this first thing every single morning. Several times, I have bought copies of D.O.T.D. books I already own just because the price is so low – so great for gifts! However, I do sometimes get very disappointed when the deals sell out too early before I can place my order.

1. Variant covers; not only do you offer a much better selection than any other single vendor I’ve found, your prices are, once again, the best I can find in this regard.

No reply to this message is necessary. Feel free to post any or all of this in your testimonials section.

Again, thanks for a great year. I intend to give you my business for a long time to come.

Timothy R.
Columbia State Lewisburg

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