Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials

you guys are awesome! this is the first time I received anything through the mail from you and everything was packaged very well and arrived in great shape. it was sent like you know people collect and love there comics not like it was just some magazine to read and throw away. will be buying much more from you guys in the future.

-Amos L., via mail

@MidtownComics love from Kentucky!! Thx for always shipping my pull list lol!

-@Jessyymb, via Twitter

@GevianDargan @CBR @MidtownComics They treat female collectors with respect. Which in my experience, is very hard to find. Only shop Midtown

-@Csitroops, via Twitter

@Csitroops @CBR @MidtownComics I patronized that store when they first opened..they deserve every bit of success they enjoy!

-@GevianDargan, via Twitter

@LSComicCon was amazing, truly. @MidtownComics are the best! Awesome comics and service. And @DanSlott is one of the nicest people I’ve met!

-@NickLayland88, via Twitter

@MidtownComics Just got outstanding service by 3 people via phone. Thanks!

-@cloudeagle via twitter

Getting packages from @MidtownComics is seriously the best thing to wake up too

-@SeniaLopez, via Twitter

Buying $25 bucks worth of comics and only paying $6! @MidtownComics you complete me…

-@G33kH3Ro, via Twitter

Moved out of NYC & tried to move on to a new comic store. But NOTHING beats @MidtownComics. So I am now a proud subscriber!

-@anashenwrath, via Twitter

Oh my gosh. I’m visiting @MidtownComics for the first time. This is everything I was expecting and MORE. YES!!! Oh my gosh, YES.

-@MadisonEmbrey, via Twitter