Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials

To the staff at grand central store…thank you…you guys made my day great. I appreciate how efficient and awesome today was, FCBD was a fun experience. Thank you for the free comics my kids were very happy and from me thank you again for great free books ill share with the kids I work with on Monday. If I could of brought them with me I would of they would of loved it. But I’ll give my books instead.

-Jose M.

@MidtownComics thank you for having us. Super psyched to read all the goodies. Especially Superman @DCComics

-@azulet, via Twitter

@MidtownComics thank u for today’s event. Couldn’t have met the dream team of talent,Mr Lee and Mr Snyder without u

-@Mrmota36Mota, via Twitter

Thanks @MidtownComics, @JimLee and @Ssnyder1835 for the best free comic book day yet! #fcbd

-@darkelegance, via Twitter

FCasals04: I’d move to New York just to be closer to @MidtownComics

-@FCasals04, via Twitter

Thank you @MidtownComics for your awesome customer service.

-@ElleVStark, via Twitter

hey, just wanted to say THANKS for the awesome packaging and timely shipping of an order i placed last week! tt was my first time ordering from you guys and i was very impressed with the service!

-Rocky GQ Beebe, via Facebook

From Yelp:

My inner and outer nerd is ever-so-thankful to the nerd lords at Midtown Comics for bringing this wonderful venue to a prime address.

This is probably the best comic store I’ve ever set foot into. Two floors of “nerdgasm” (borrowed from Angie L.) that ranges from DC to Marvel to IDW (yayyy… they have the new Star Trek comics in stock! And, it’s a staff favorite? hellz to the yea!) Speaking of the staff, they are pretty amazing. They take the time to help you and help you find what you are looking for while also rushing you out when you just need to go. The staff are also not overbearing or “inclusive” to only their nerdism nomenclature and make it pleasant for those whom share a different interest.

Peter K., Jackson Heights, NY

-Peter K., via Yelp

@Kickasszombie: @MidtownComics must say u guys know how to deliver when it comes to guests coming to ur store having @mrmarkmillar damnn!!

-@Kickasszombie, via Twitter

@MsSuperVillain: Just got my @MidtownComics package. Thank you to them for the prompt service.

-@MsSuperVillain, via Twitter