Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials


-Via AppFigures

“I use it every Sunday to put my weekly orders in. No complaints.”

-Via ARealDaGawd

“new customer, you guys made it so easy to order on your website, now waiting for my shipment. Will post positive feedback when it arrives and for what is worth it looks like i wont be dissapointed by all the great feedback you guys already got. Thank you for your service it is appreciated.”

-Via Carlos M.

“Thanks. Now do you guys actually try to be the best place to order my weeklies, or did it just happen by mistake? Seriously, every order from you guys shows up perfectly, and it’s like Christmas every week. Not to mention the discounts. Anyways, looking forward to this order, my next order this Friday, And have a good Halloween down at the store.”

Jeremy Zimmerman

-Jeremy Zimmerman, via e-mail


I just wanted to say “thank you” for all your help and the quality of service and communication! I received my shipment yesterday and everything was perfect! I really appreciate all you all do and I love getting my books from you all! Hopefully I can get a chance to visit one day but for now I’ll just keep visiting the online store. Have a great day!


Ryan Cabanting”

-via Ryan Cabanting from e-mail

”Thank you so much! I love Midtown Comics and I have never had a problem with a delivery before. Your website is hands down the best out there, and you can be sure that you have a loyal customer in me for years to come. Thank you again for your time and attention to this matter. I will”

-Via Online Customer – Jason Scott

I’m glad I decided to get this Midtown Comics app after I ordered my stuff. Now I can order from the app and get 20% off. So sick.

-@migeruesukiberu, via Twitter


-Chevy Chase, via Twitter

@MidtownComics really knows how to make me feel at home in NYC again! Discounts, friendly associates, and lots of comics

-Thomas Bahr II, via Twitter

Just wanted to express my gratitude for the amazing job you did for me this FCBD…I’d never have been able to compile the assortment you sent me – you even sent both Midtown & regular editions where available!

Midtown continues to exceed my expectations with better and better service the longer I am a customer – I can’t say that about many ( if any) organizations that I do any kind of business with!

I truly appreciate your fantastic attention to detail, the valuable time you spent arranging my FCBD order, and the speed with and condition in which the order arrived!

Keep up the great work, I hope to continue to receive this level of service as I continue to order weekly!

-Eric, via Email