Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials

@MidtownComics has excellent customer service”

-@chrislirvin, Via Twitter

Big ups to @MidtownComics for timely and helpful customer service! Their efforts are much appreciated! #SatisfiedCustomer

-Andrew, via Twitter

Thanks for your excellent customer service, @MidtownComics!

-Doug, via Twitter

@MidtownComics OMG!!!! You are the holy grail of comics!!!!

-Amy, via Twitter

Through all of the the crazines of Comic Con tickets, every single Midtown employee I came in contact with was smiling and helpfull. Comic movies are making this event more popular and it is tougher on the Midtown staff due to the size of the crowds, but you all carried yourselves with class and character. I didn’t like waiting nine hours for tickets but the updates and cheeriness went a long way – your staff is amazing! Thank you!
Midtown Comics
Thank you so much for this message! The fact that fans like you appreciate us makes it worth it! See you at the con!
You are very welcome. Just realize that some people are fustrated and even if it is directed towards you or the con it is in NO WAY a reflection of your services. For you to service thousands of us in 24 hours is pretty amazing! Thanks again.

-Sixeightthreenine CT, via Facebook


-via Comic Book Collecting

Shoutout to @MidtownComics for always having great deals and constantly satisfying my superhero appetite from across the country!

--@StefanovichNJ, via Twitter

My local comic shop doesn’t have a large selection of variant covers for new releases. So when a variant comes along that I really like, my first stop is to check out Midtown Comics online. These contests have been really fun because it gives us fans a chance to test our luck and who doesn’t like free stuff?! I can’t wait to see what the next giveaway will be.

-Pedro, via email

Well I’ve always loved Spider-Man since the animated show in the 90’s and comic books was how I learned to read as a child, so over the years I started my collection in the last 10 years and finally stated ordering books from your store. and when I saw this contest I just had to enter! Thank You Midtown comics for this contest 😀 you made me happy!!!!!

-Alice, via email

I can definitely say for sure that Midtown Comics is the best place in NYC to go for all things comics and for the best events in the city!

-Evelyn, via email