Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials


-via Comic Book Collecting

Shoutout to @MidtownComics for always having great deals and constantly satisfying my superhero appetite from across the country!

--@StefanovichNJ, via Twitter

My local comic shop doesn’t have a large selection of variant covers for new releases. So when a variant comes along that I really like, my first stop is to check out Midtown Comics online. These contests have been really fun because it gives us fans a chance to test our luck and who doesn’t like free stuff?! I can’t wait to see what the next giveaway will be.

-Pedro, via email

Well I’ve always loved Spider-Man since the animated show in the 90’s and comic books was how I learned to read as a child, so over the years I started my collection in the last 10 years and finally stated ordering books from your store. and when I saw this contest I just had to enter! Thank You Midtown comics for this contest 😀 you made me happy!!!!!

-Alice, via email

I can definitely say for sure that Midtown Comics is the best place in NYC to go for all things comics and for the best events in the city!

-Evelyn, via email

YEIII!!! I love Midtown Comics, it is the place that makes my wednesday’s mornings so awesome.

-Gabriel Balda, via email

@MidtownComics Got my fingers crossed for the #amazingspiderman contest! #midtowncomics is the only place I buy comics!

-@saxamaphone729, via Twitter

I just got in my @MidtownComics package. Thanks for the great deals and mailing service!

-@Yaggenz, via Twitter

@MidtownComics As I live way out of state (MD), I appreciate the fact that I can get comics online. So, thanks for basically existing.

-@theladymarvel, via Twitter

@MidtownComics Oh, didn’t realize you had a chat option on the website. They just took care of my issue. Thanks! Great customer service! 🙂

-@AngelMom037, via Twitter