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Write-up by Henry Varona. Interview by Gregg Katzman

With a legacy of thousands of comics and millions of fans worldwide, Wonder Woman has made an amazing impact around the entire world in her great 75 year history. With her cinematic debut hitting theaters this weekend, many fans are clamoring for the Amazon Princess like never before. But to many of these fans, Susan Eisenberg’s portrayal of the character defined their love for Wonder Woman. With a list of credits that include the acclaimed Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons, the Justice League: Doom animated movie, the Injustice video game series, and much more, Eisenberg has cemented her place in the history of Diana of Themyscira. To check out great Wonder Woman stories, click HERE!

We were lucky enough to talk with Susan Eisenberg about Wonder Woman, her favorite moments with the character, and why Wonder Woman has been so successful for so long.

Midtown Comics: First and foremost, what does it feel like the be THE voice of Wonder Woman?

Susan Eisenberg: It feels like the best gift EVER! There isn’t a time when I go into the studio to record her when I don’t feel incredibly fortunate!

MC: What was your proudest moment on Justice League or Justice League Unlimited?

SE: Haha, getting through some of WW’s monologues in one take and doing some of those action scenes! But seriously, I don’t think I have a proudest moment. I think most of my pride came after the show was over and I learned from the fans about the impact it had had on them, and the importance it had played in their lives.

MC: Do you have a favorite episode of JL or JLU?

SE: I don’t have one… I have many! I loved “This Little Piggy,” “Once and Future Thing,” “Maid of Honor,” … I could go on and on!

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MC: What’s it like voicing a harsher version of Wonder Woman in the Injustice franchise? 

SE: Well, it was definitely an adjustment. It wasn’t that it was vocally challenging to voice her in a different way. It was more that I’m so used to her being a heroine and kind-hearted, and to change that mind-set and accept this “new” WW, took a bit of time.

MC: Why do you believe Wonder Woman is such an important character?

SE: I believe it’s important to have heroes in life, people to look up to and believe in. Knowing that someone will always do the right thing in the end, and that good will prevail over evil, provides tremendous comfort and security in a world that can often feel like it has neither. WW has compassion, a sense of fairness, and a goodness that resonates deeply with her fans.

MC: Why do you believe Wonder Woman has endured for 75 years?

SE: I think she’s a heroine for the ages. And as long as there are periods in life that feel frightening, unnerving, strange, alienating, we’ll need heroes to believe in, and trust, who fight for our larger principles and ideals, and ultimately win. AND she’s the only female superhero we have, which can never be underestimated!

MC: What do you believe is the biggest misconception about Wonder Woman?

SE: That she’s not equal to Superman and Batman. And that she fights in high heels.

MC: Who is your favorite Wonder Woman villain?

SE: Probably Circe or Cheetah, but I really despise Ares!

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MC: Is there a character that you’d love to see Wonder Woman team-up with or battle?

SE: I’d love to see her team up with Captain America! (Am I allowed to say that?!)

MC: What did you think about the new Wonder Woman movie?

SE: I thought it was wonderful! And I think it will make so many of her fans, who have waited so long for this film, incredibly happy and proud!

MS: Would you rather have Wonder Woman’s flight or reflexes?

SE: Flight. To soar with the birds would be a dream come true. And imagine how much you would save on airfare!

MC: Is there anything else you’d like to share about voicing Wonder Woman and your upcoming work?

SE: Well, I’m voicing WW in DCUO, and I encourage people to play the new episode, “Age of Justice.” And of course Injustice 2 is out, and people should definitely experience that!


SE: And on a more personal note, I’d like to thank all the WW fans out there who have supported and embraced me in ways that have touched me deeply, and will stay with me forever!


We here at Midtown Comics extend our most sincere thank you to Susan Eisenberg for taking the time for this interview.

Injustice 2 is available now wherever fine video games are available, and Wonder Woman is playing in theaters nationwide. If you would like to check out some truly amazing comics staring Wonder Woman, click HERE!

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